Spelling Games For Kids

Children can learn to spell correctly and have fun in the process. Here are some simple games to play to help your children be successful spellers.

If your child has a problem with spelling then you need to help them, but we all know that reciting words, and writing them is not much fun. Children learn more when they are having fun, and can associate fun with learning. The following games can be played almost anywhere, at anytime.

Using a list of spelling words, the leader says I am thinking of a word that has X number of letters. The children have to guess at the first letter, when the first letter is correctly identified the leader continues with I am thinking of a word that starts with X letter and has X more letters. You can vary this by naming the number of vowels instead of the letter total. The first child to get the word right gets to be the leader in the next round.

Have the children create sentences using the letters of the spelling word for the first letter in each word in the sentence. For example the word Water: Which Ankle Tied Emily's Rope. This should help them create mnemonics that will improve their spelling. The sillier they get the more likely they are to remember them.

The leader gives a definition only of a spelling word, the children have to name the spelling word, and spell it correctly. Variations include having the leader define a related word (defining shrub for the spelling word bush).

Word searches are always fun and a great way for children to learn spelling words. You can find programs for the computer that will create word searches from a list of words or you can create your own.

Spelling should not be a fearful experience for children. If they have fun with the words they will become better spellers and not fight you over study time for them.

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