Spice Up Brown Hair

If you find that your brown hair has lost its youthful sheen, here are a few tips for spicing up bland hair.

Over the years, hair that was once a glossy golden brown or a shiny auburn brown can fade considerably.Men begin losing what hair they have, and women find their youthful hair becomes lifeless and drab due to childbirth, stress, and simply aging.Grey hair creeps in one hair at a time and before we know it, our once beautiful brown hair looks like a comfortable old shoe: faded and worn, but very familiar.

If you find that your brown hair has lost its sheen or is becoming more salt than pepper, or if you simply want a change, following are a few tips for spicing up bland brown hair.

1. One option is to add a temporary color to you hair, just to test how it would look if you were to take the plunge and color permanently.There are many temporary colors on the market that go on your hair as easily as shampoo and conditioner, and they rinse out with repeated washings in about two weeks.Sometimes using a color nearly the same as your own or just a shade lighter will significantly brighten your brown hair.

2. Permanent hair color can spruce up bland brown hair, but choose your color carefully.Permanent hair color is inexpensive and easy to use, but it only goes away when your hair grows, just like the name implies.As with temporary color, sometimes even the same shade as your natural hair will give you a new shine.Permanent color can range from light streaks administered by a professional hairstylist, or a total covering of the old color, done in the salon or at home.Be cautious about spray highlights, as they usually only serve as bleaching agents, and can be damaging.

3. Often our wardrobe makes a big impact on how our hair looks.While there are many shades of brown hair and many reasons why it can begin to look bland, the clothes we wear can either add to the blandness or brighten our look.If your hair has any hint of red or chestnut highlights, wear colors that will accent those highlights, such as red, orange, and their complements, such as green and purple.Avoid browns and grays.If your hair has golden highlights, accent them by wearing gold and yellow, and their complement, blue.

4. Make up can make a difference, as well.If your skin is exceptionally pale, this will accentuate your bland brown hair.Make up is meant to be subtle and helpful, not bright and noticeable.Try using a bit of blush and perhaps a warm foundational powder to give your skin some color.Accentuate your eyes with complementary shadows and mascara, and don't be afraid to use a bit of lipstick.Often the extra color in our clothing and make up makes all the difference.

5. If all else fails, wear a hat.If you can't afford or don't want a new wardrobe, if you can't or don't want to wear make up and if the thought of changing your hair color is far too frightening, take your cues from the Red Hat Society and don a pretty bonnet.While it won't change your bland brown hair, it will certainly brighten up your look!

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