Spinning On Your Bicycle

This article explains how to use the technique of spinning when riding a bicycle in order to get aerobic fitness and prevent knee injury.

Riding a bicycle can be a fun and easy way to exercise and keep fit. Many people remember the fun they had riding bicycles as children. If you decide to try riding a bicycle for fitness, you should learn how to do a technique called spinning.

When a person begins to bicycle, he or she tends to place the gearing on the bike at a level difficult enough to push on the pedals at a rate of 40 to 60 revolutions per minute. The revolutions per minute refers to the times one foot makes a complete circle with the pedal. This rate is very inefficient for the human body and is also hard on the knees as the muscles and ligaments around them are working too intensely.

Spinning is a technique where the rider of the bicycle uses a relatively low gear and spins on the pedals at a rate of 85 to 95 revolutions per minute. You can find your revolutions by simply counting the times your foot travels in a complete pedal circle for one minute. Count each time your left or right foot reaches the bottom of the pedal stroke. A quicker way is to shorten the time you count and multiply accordingly. For example, you could count revolutions for 15 seconds and multiply by 4 to get the per minute rate. The easiest way may be to count revolutions for 6 seconds and multiply by 10 to get the rate.

This revolution per minute spinning rate has been found to be the most efficient and safe for the human body. The stress on the knees is minimized and the heart and lungs are getting most of the workout instead of the knees.

It will take some practice for this technique to feel comfortable, but once you learn, it won't feel right to pedal the old inefficient way. You will be on your way to great aerobic fitness by enjoying miles and miles of pedaling without hurting your knee joints.

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