Spiritual Health: The Benefits Of Making Music A Part Of Your Religious Ritual

Music can be a powerful part of your religious ritual. Music has many important roles in the way we feel and think about religious services.

From the most ancient of times, music has been a part of religious worship.The power of music is very strong.It is something that speaks to every soul, no matter what differences there are in the individual people.Music universally unites.When used as part of a religious service or ritual, it can provide the common ground for a congregation to receive a sermon or message in a meaningful way.Their spirits are uplifted, providing deep feelings of joy and harmony.Music can be such a moving and emotional experience that using it as a tool to promote understanding and appreciation of a higher power can enhance any religious message.To imagine a religious meeting that is without music is to see people nodding off, getting distracted and perhaps missing the message entirely. That is why most, if not all, religions use it to teach and to reach their members.

Music is considered a balm to the soul.For someone who is troubled or searching for something meaningful in their lives, it can be the connection that they need to feel stronger and more at peace with themselves and the world around them.Listening to or singing uplifting music can also provide courage to do the right thing or something that is deemed especially difficult or scary.When music is used to assist someone at times like these, it builds faith in the goodness of a deity and the existence of a bigger plan.

Music has physical benefits, as well.To someone who is ill or feeling stressed, studies have shown that listening to uplifting music can stimulate the immune system and aid in circulation.It can help lower stress by reducing blood pressure and releasing endorphins, which are our "feel-good" hormones. Anxiety, depression, and loneliness can all be helped, at least temporarily, by listening to enjoyable music.It is hard to feel bad when listening to or singing music that is positive and joyful.

Music can actually be good for our minds, as well.Singing and learning music uses both sides of the brain.The left side is stimulated by the patterns of the music and the memorization of the words that go along with the melody.The right side is stimulated by the creative melody, the emotional response it evokes and the myriad meanings of the words that are being sung.Performing music promotes self-expression, as each person tends to interpret music in a different way.This gives rise to self-esteem that is felt when a musical performance is appreciated and praised by those who hear it.Music gratifies us.It is beautiful both to those that hear it and those that sing it.

Perhaps that is why it has been said that songs are a prayer to a higher power, which results in blessings for the ones who sing them.There are many advantages to having music as a part of the religious ritual.It can build faith, change the way we feel, challenge our intellect and give us something to meditate upon.Music is truly a gift from above.

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