How To Sponge Paint Your Walls With Designer Style

Easy, fast, economical do-it-yourself instructions for how sponge painting your walls. Give your home some pizazz and style.

Tired of looking at the same four walls? Are you drowning in a sea of white and gasping for color? Spongepainting is the answer. It's an easy and fun way to jazz up your home, without the expense of a total re-paint. These methods will give the best effect on walls that have a matte finish, but will work on gloss finishes as well. Materials you will need are acrylic craftpaint (you can buy these for around $2.00 a bottle) an old clean sock, a rubberband or ponytail holder, a pencil, measuring tape,a piece of cardboard and painter's or masking tape.

When choosing your colors, you can let your imagination run free. Pick colors that compliment your decor. If you are looking for that understated look, go with two or three shades of the same color. If you want to get wild, pick contrasting colors. A good example of this would be, pink, lavendar, and mint green. This combination will give the effect of a field of flowers.

Let's start in the kitchen. That space between your backsplash and tiles, does it scream for excitement?? Tape off the cabinet and backsplash. Take the old sock and cut off a 3 inch section. Wrap the rubber band around the middle very tightly so the cut end splays out and looks almost like a flower. Pour out your paint colors onto the cardboard in piles that are about 2 inches around. Starting with the darkest color, dip the "flower" end of the sock into the paint. Dab off the excess on the unused protion of the card board. Then lightly touch the "flower" to the wall. (If it looks like too much paint, take an unused portion of sock and pat gently) It will seem too dark at first, but remember there are other layers. Space your "flower prints" so the edges are just touching, allowing some of the base color to show through. Continue this all the way around the room untill all areas you wish to paint are covered. Using the same "flower" continue the process with the next color, being sure to dab gently where two "flower prints" touch. If you have a third color dab this even lighter as an accent here and there as your tastes decide. Don't worry about making a mistake. You can always cover it up with the next layer. Who knows, your mistake may be a work of art!

Using this same painting method, you can create a chairrail in your dining room. Measure a line about 3 feet up from the floor all the way around and tape off the top half. Use the technique I described above from the floor uo the the line. For a nice finishing touch buy some inexpensive wood molding, paint in a matching color and nail in along the border. This method is great for covering little hand prints. Same theory goes for borders. Measure off the border you would like and have fun! Be creative and enjoy your self. You can even tape off shapes on a wall, and fill in with color for an interesting effect replacing hanging art.

Anything can be painted this way. Chairs, tables, doors and even refrigerators are gorgeous when painted this way. So revitalize your home with color and style!

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