Spoon Jewelry: Finding Sterling Spoons To Form Into Jewelry

Good sources for sterling silver spoons and how to find them.

Spoon jewelry has been worn by women for decades, and continues to be stylish and trendy today. The most difficult part of the craft is finding good quality sterling spoons for use in making the beautiful jewelry. There are actually a number of sources, for finding nice, affordable sterling spoons that are easily accessible to the general consumer. Anyone can look in their local area, or online, and find a variety of items to choose from.


Of the many sources for finding sterling spoons, garage sales are probably the most obvious and affordable. Along those same lines, estate sales and moving sales offer similar opportunities for picking up sterling spoons. Most of these types of sales are advertised in the newspaper, but many rely upon "side-of-the-road" advertising to draw customers. Thus, weekend outings, looking for garage sales, can be quite fruitful in the search for spoons. Sales of this nature offer the best opportunity for buying nice spoons at very low prices, but there's no guarantee that there will be anything available worth buying. Keeping a constant eye out is the best approach when shopping for spoons this way.

Antique shops can be another good place to find sterling spoons suitable for turning into jewelry. The quality will more than likely be better than garage sale items, but the prices will be higher. Most antique shops carry some sort of flatware, full and partial sets to individual pieces. Sometimes, though, it takes looking through many shops to find the best value for the money. The phone book is the best place to find antique shops in the area, but, be sure to ask for the names of others while visiting. It's surprising how many out of the way, Mom-and-Pop type antique shops there are in any given town. When visiting antique shops, it's a good idea to ask about being added to the shop's "Want List". It may be called any number of things, but the basic idea is to give a name, phone number, and the items desired. Many shops keep a list of customers with special collections or interests, and will notify them when items they might like come in.

Besides antique shops, thrift stores and second hand shops may also offer a selection of sterling spoons for purchase. Thrift shops usually work on a donation basis, and take in a multitude of different items. Spoons and other flatware can often be found among the things for sale. If the selection is meager one day, try again another day as these shops add inventory daily. Thrift stores are commonly run by charities like Goodwill or The Salvation Army and can be found in the phone book. Also found in the phone book, second hand shops are similar to antique shops, but with a lesser emphasis on quality and age. While many antique shops carry items that can be classified as antique or collectible, second hand stores tend to carry anything that has been gently used but is still nice enough to be resold.

Auctions are another venue where nice sterling spoons might be found. The classifieds and events section of newspapers will carry auction information, and the phone book will list the auctions houses themselves. Auction houses can be called for event schedules, and some keep up a website that contains lists of what will be available at each event with pictures. Some antique shops will have flyers available, announcing auction events, be sure to ask while visiting. At auction, there is usually a large variety of silver pieces, including flatware. You might find spoons auctioned off individually, in sets, put in a box with other odds and ends, or in a lot with other silver items. When at an auction, look through everything. Small items, like spoons, can wind up anywhere. Spoons, even sterling, can be expected to sell fairly inexpensively at auction, depending on the collectibility and how they are grouped with other items.

Most areas have flea markets and antique shows, commonly held at a fair grounds or arena of some kind. These shows are advertised on television and radio, as well as in local antique shops and in the newspaper. Typically held once or twice a year, these shows showcase merchandise from a large area, with dealers traveling for hundreds of miles sometimes to sell on the show circuit. Bartering is expected, and excellent deals can be found at these shows, on spoons or anything else. A show will last through the scheduled weekend, in most cases, starting on a Friday evening and ending on Sunday evening.

Of course, for newer spoons, the manufacturers or local retail outlets are a source for brand new spoons. The prices are a drawback for using this source, and most spoon jewelry is made from vintage and antique sterling. For buying newer spoons, the internet sites for sterling flatware manufacturers will probably offer the lowest prices and discounts unavailable to store shoppers.


Visiting manufacturer sites for discounts and dated designs, as mentioned previously, is one online source for sterling spoons. This seems to be the least attractive option, out there, but it's simple to come across these sites. Search out each manufacturer by name, and the desired sites will come up at the top of the list. The prices will range higher for newer merchandise.

Browse the multiple auction sites on the web to see what's for sale as well. EBay is not the only reputable auction out there, but merely the most well known. There are many good auction sites for consumers to use, and many have a large variety of flatware listed. Besides the typical auction format, there are classifieds sites as well, that offer sellers the opportunity to list items for a fee, and allow buyers to communicate directly with the sellers to purchase items of interest. Both auction and classifieds sites have quality items available for reasonable cost. The key is taking the time to look through what's available.

Similar to the antique malls in the "real world", the internet also offers a variety of reputable antique malls to browse through. Some of these online malls offer inventory from hundreds of dealers who pay a monthly fee to have a store on the mall site. Ruby Lane and Cyber Attic are just two of the many sites available to look through, sterling pieces are a common inventory item. Searching specifically for "sterling spoons" will bring up a lot of listings for specific dealers, within the malls, who have spoons listed in their stores. It will also lead you to individual dealers who keep up their own individual website shops.

That lays out the basic markets for sterling spoons. Certainly, there may be other places where spoons can be found, this list encompasses the most common. There are many sources available, for those searching for quality sterling spoons, and they're pretty easy to find. All it takes is a little foot work, a little research, and the love for creating beautiful sterling spoon jewelry.

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