Sports And Clothing: The Comfort Of Mesh Sweatsuits

Women's mesh sweat suits and their comfort, various styles, colors and availability, along with the differences between mesh suits and cotton/polyester suits.

Most people would agree: jogging outfits are comfortable. There are several different types of fabric used to make jogging suits, but the thick, cotton and polyester blends which are normally associated with sweat shirts and sweat pants are sometimes too warm for comfort. These original sweat suits are okay if you're looking for warmth and lots of it, but a new choice in women's sweats and workout suits are the nylon mesh variety. Cool and comfortable, nylon mesh suits are the current rave for those who enjoy comfort, but not the confines of a thick fabric. The newest in workout clothes is often a nylon variety, with mesh inserts or mesh lining. The mesh allows much more air to pass through the clothing than the traditional jogging suit, for a cooler workout. Also, the mesh outfits give more than the traditional sweat suit for an easier workout. Sometimes the outfits are designed to where the mesh is only inserted on the sides of the legs or the arms, or down the side rib area. Because of the mesh inserts, the sweat suit allows the wearer to be dryer, which often permits the wearer to workout for longer periods of time. Often the mesh will have a nylon lining to prevent others from seeing through the mesh.

Sometimes these new nylon outfits are manufactured with a mesh inner lining that prevents the clothing from sticking and allows quicker evaporation of moisture. These mesh linings also make the garment much lighter and breezier than the usual sweat suit. Many of these outfits are waterproof and come with front and/or back pockets, optional hoods which zip off or come attached, and matching jackets, to accommodate any type of workout or weather conditions. There are also other designs which are completely mesh, but it's necessary to wear additional garments underneath the transparent outfits. These are the coolest of all, since you can wear a simple a-line shirt and shorts under the mesh outfits for total comfort.

Since the introduction of the new mesh outfits, quite an assortment of colors and styles have become available. Some are made where they snap down the sides of the legs, giving the wearer the option of unsnapping a portion of the leg area for extra airiness. There are ones which have the snaps down the arms, ones which have zip-open pockets and ones which have optional zip-off legs or arms for conveniently switching to a shorter, cooler outfit. And, the mesh outfits are usually comparable in price to the traditional heavy sweat suits, but shopping at some places, such as sports stores, can be a little more expensive.

Weather working out in a gym, jogging along the streets of your town, or lifting weights in your own basement, comfort is what it's all about when it comes to sweat suits. Besides being comfortable, mesh outfits are modern, attractive, shrink-free, and stretch to fit many shapes. Most clothing retailers now sell the mesh outfits which can be used for working out or simply lounging around the house. If you like a tight fit, choose your normal size or a size smaller than normal since these outfits really stretch, but if you like a little more room in your suit, choose a size larger than you normally wear.

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