How To Spruce Up Your Exercise Routine

Learn how to spruce up your exercise routine. With just a few changes you will feel better about working out and look better.

Always check with your doctor before you start an exercise routine.

Everyone gets tired of their workout routine at some point. It may be that you've been doing the same thing for weeks, months, or years, and it's just not fun anymore. Or, you may be feeling like the work isn't paying off, because you aren't seeing a difference in your appearance. Here are just two ideas that should help you at the gym, outside or at home, to spruce up your workout and start making a difference.

Aerobic Changes: This is one example to make a walking or running workout more interesting. Vary your speeds and elevation. If you are outside, try to find a route that has hills. This makes your body work harder. If you are on a treadmill, here's an idea for you. Instead of just running or walking at the same speed for 30 minutes, try starting with a three minute warm up at a low speed and at zero elevation. Then, increase speed and elevation for the next two minutes. The next one minute is a brief cool down. Keep the elevation and speed low for that minute. Then rotate the two and one minute segments, each time keeping the cool-down elevation and speed the same, but increasing the speed and elevation for the two minute segments. Close the last two minutes of the workout with the highest and fastest rate and elevation. Then cool down, by walking slowly on a flat surface for five minutes. This not only makes your body work harder, it also burns more calories and makes the workout seem to go by faster. You can start slow, and increase speed and elevation each time you try this new type of workout. This also applies to bikes, elliptical trainers, and Stairmasters. Force your body to do more than just one level, and you will see a greater difference.

Weight Training: If you use weights and feel like you are stuck in the same spot, here are some ideas for you. Try to vary your exercises. For instance, if you always do the same four bicep and back exercises with the same amount of weight, try new exercises for the same muscles. When it comes to weight. Don't always go for heavy weights. Some days it's better to have lighter weights. Remember to rotate. Do some heavy days for some muscle groups, and light for others. Then your next workout, change the light for heavy and vice-versa. Varying exercises and the amount of weight challenges your muscles. By making just a few changes you may notice more tone, just in a matter of workouts. Don't forget: when you use lighter weights, increase your repetitions. When you use heavier weights, lower the number of reps. You will see a difference soon.

With just these two areas of changes, you most likely will once again be excited about working out. Not only will your muscles look and feel better, you will also be in better condition. So try them all out and see what works for you best. If you have questions, ask a trainer or maybe a friends who has had good results. Good luck!

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