What Is SR-22?

By Anton Busch

  • Overview

    SR-22 insurance is a form of insurance that can be issued to those that have had their driver's license revoked. While this type of insurance does pertain to a number of people, it does not apply to all people that no longer have a driver's license.
  • Features

    Technically speaking, an SR-22 insurance policy is required for most minor vehicle offenders. Those people that have lost their driver's license due to driving without insurance can take advantage of this insurance. When applying for SR-22 insurance, the insurance company in question must send proof of this coverage to a state Department of Motor Vehicles. Those that have had their license suspended must have some form of insurance. In most cases, this type of insurance generally falls underneath the SR-22 category.
  • Exceptions

    Only those people that have lost their driver's license due to driving without insurance can apply for SR-22 insurance. Those that have had their license suspended due to other acts (drunk driving, for example) cannot apply for SR-22 insurance. If SR-22 insurance is issued, this type of insurance proof must be carried for up to three years following license suspension. Some states may require (and allow) SR-22 insurance for a longer period of time. In order to find out whether or not you qualify for this type of insurance, it is wise to contact your state Department of Transportation office.
  • Check With Your State

    While it may seem as though all insurance companies should be recognized by all states, this is not always the case. Some states will only recognize a handful of insurance companies. Thus, it is crucial to contact your state for a list of valid insurance companies. In addition, some states will not allow any SR-22 insurance from another state. Most states require that all insurance come from within the state. In this instance, it is a good idea to contact your insurance company in order to find out about all branch locations.
  • Considerations

    If you have lost your license, consider the reason why your license was revoked. While many people can apply for SR-22 insurance, this will largely depend upon a person's state of residence. In many cases, a license cannot be re-issued simply with the help of SR-22. If you have any doubts, make sure to contact the proper authorities. Also, keep in mind that it is illegal to drive in most states without any form of insurance. Thus, some type of insurance must be gained in order to operate a vehicle.
  • Warning

    Do not attempt to file for SR-22 insurance if you are unsure of your specific offense. In some cases, this could be considered a type of fraud. Instead, double-check with your local state transportation office. While SR-22 might seem like a good answer to a revoked license, this solution may not always work. Regardless, some type of insurance must be gained in order to operate a vehicle. To find out more information about SR-22 insurance, visit the links listed below in the Resources section.
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