What Does an SR22 Do?

By Anton Busch

  • Overview

    Those that have recently had their driver's license suspended may be eligible for an SR22 insurance form. This form is useful for those that need to supply proof of insurance to legal authorities. However, this form does not apply to all traffic offenders.
  • Basics

    An SR22 form is not a type of insurance policy. Instead, this form is meant to be a simple proof of insurance. In order to submit this type of form, a driver must have valid car insurance. This form is issued and filled out by a valid insurance company. To further clarify, if a driver's license has been suspended due to lack of insurance, this driver can ask their insurance company for an SR22 form. This form will then be filled out by the insurer and sent to the proper authorities. At this time, the driver will be able to legally drive once more.
  • Exceptions

    Not all suspended drivers can qualify for the SR22. In most states, only those drivers that have committed minor traffic offenses can benefit from an SR22 form. Each state has different guidelines and laws set in place in regards to the SR22 form. In addition, some states (including North Carolina and New York) do not require an SR22 form at all. These states simply require a valid proof of insurance. Still, most states do ask that a driver submit this form in order to obtain a valid driver's license once more.
  • Considerations

    Not all insurance companies are recognized by all states. In order to submit a valid SR22, your car insurance company must be legally recognized by a specific state. In addition, most states will not allow an insurer that is out of state to submit an SR22 form. Also, there is a nominal fee associated with the SR22 that all insurance companies are legally permitted to charge. Usually, this fee is somewhere from $15 to $25, though it may vary from company to company.
  • Warning

    Contrary to popular belief, the SR22 is not a form of insurance. In order to obtain valid car insurance, an insurance company must be contacted. It is illegal to drive in most states without some type of insurance, which means that all drivers must have valid car insurance at all times. The cost of your insurance plan will be calculated according to regular insurance factors. In order to find out how much a plan will cost, it is advisable to call numerous insurance companies.
  • Prevention/Solution

    Going through the process of researching state laws, gaining an SR22, and getting a license back can be a large hassle. Unfortunately, a driver must be able to produce a form of valid insurance at all times. Thus, in order to avoid winding up in any kind of SR22 instance, it is a good idea to carry proof of insurance inside of a vehicle at all times. In most cases, insurance rates will rise if a driver fails to provide proof of insurance requiring an SR22.
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