St. Patrick's Day Crafts For Kids

Fun St. Patrick's Day crafts to makewith children.

St. Patrick's Day Bookmark

Everybody could use a bookmark, so why not make one to celebrate this Irish holiday? Take your kids outside and have them pick the biggest three-leaf clovers they can find in the park or in your own backyard. Once they have picked them, put the clovers between two pieces of wax paper and then press them between two large books or in the pages of your local phone book. Let them dry out for a few days. Cut out bookmark-sized strips of white cardstock or construction paper. When the clovers are dry, let your children glue them onto the cardstock. Have them decorate the rest of the bookmark with pots of gold or other Irish symbols. In order to keep the bookmarks straight and clean, be sure to have the children laminate them.

Irish Stones

The Irish often carry around lucky stones or give them to friends and relatives to wish them luck in their lives. Traditionally, families give these stones to other families and friends as a sign of eternal friendship. For St. Patrick's Day, have your children decorate their own lucky stones to hand out to friends or to keep for themselves. Take the children to a local park or stream and have them choose smooth and flat stones they want to decorate. Have the children wash and dry their stones to get rid of any dirt or residue that may be on it. Once the stones are completely dry, put out a few newspapers on the table so the kids can decorate their stones without getting the table dirty. They can rub glue on the stones and throw some green or gold glitter on them. Put out some sequins and craft rhinestones for the kids to glue on the stones. Let the stones dry overnight, and they should be ready to give to friends by the next day.

A Pot of Gold

If your children want some fun St. Patrick's Day treats to hand out to friends or teachers, have them create their own pot of gold. Clean out a baby food jar (wash it thoroughly with soap and water). Make sure to spread out some newspaper on the table in case the kids get messy. Arm the kids with paintbrushes and green paint. Have them paint the outside of the jars green to make it look like the pot that will hold the gold. Once the paint is dry, give the children some gold ribbon so they can make a handle for their pot or so they can tie it around the neck of the jar to give it a little extra color. Fill the jar with some small candies like jelly beans or M&Ms. On the baby jar lid, have the children glue some yellow pom poms or gold coins (both of these can be found at a crafts store) to the top. Once this dries, screw the lid on, for a fantastic looking and yummy pot of gold.

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