Stained Glass Art Project Instruction

Instructions for a fun stained glass project to do in the fall with your kids.

Tools needed:

Waxed paper

Old crayons

Pressed leaves

Oak tag/poster board

Rubber cement or Elmer's Glue

Iron (for pressing)

Utility knife

Paper Towels

The first part of this project is a jaunt into the fall day to choose leaves for this project. Choose leaves of different colors and shapes. Try to find the ones that aren't too terribly dried out. If able, pluck them right off the tree. Gather many so that you have a lot to choose from when we get to the actual creating of the stained glass picture.

Place leaves in a large book, one leaf per page and close it up. Leave alone for about a week so that the leaves become nice and flat. They will become a bit dried out, so be careful when handling them, so they don't disintegrate.

Set iron for Warm, or the lowest setting.

Gather the above listed tools. Decide how big you want this picture to be and cut two equal pieces of waxed paper. You will need two pieces of waxed paper per project. Set one of the pieces aside. With the remaining piece of waxed paper, lay it flat on work space and place small objects on the corners to hold down the edges, as it will curl up. Waxed paper has a side that is "waxier" than the other. The waxiest side should be up.

Pick the leaves that you want to use for this piece and place them on the waxed paper where you want them to stay. Move them around in different spots to find the most favorable. Once you have the leaves in place, scrape shavings off the old crayons onto the waxed paper around the leaves. Combine colors to compliment the leaf colors. Try not to get crayon shavings on the leaves, as in the end result it looks messy. Once you have finished adding color shavings and are satisfied with the layout and the amount of added color, place the second piece of waxed paper on top. The "waxiest" side should be facing down this time. Very carefully bring it down as you line it up so that the edges match as best as possible. Reset the small objects on the corners to hold the top piece down.

Place sheet of paper towel on top of this for ironing. This prevents the iron from sticking to the waxed paper. Take the iron and gently iron the two pages together. The crayon shavings should start melting. If they are not melting, set your iron just a bit higher. Iron til they are melted. Set aside.

With the oak tag/poster board we need to make a frame for the waxed paper part of this project. What we are going to do is cut a hole out of the middle, and we need two of these exactly the same size. If your waxed paper is sized so that it is 11"X 15" the hole needs to be about 10.5" X 14.5". This is to ensure that the waxed paper is glued to the poster board enough for it to be secure, gives it stability in other words.

With one piece of poster board cut out the appropriate sized view hole. Use a ruler and a straight edge. Cut the hole out with a utility or exacto knife. Trim excess from the outside edge. For example, if you desire a two inch frame, measure from the inner edge to the two inch mark, and draw a pencil line all the around the inner hole. It should be two inches from the inner edge at any spot. Cut along the pencil line.

Place one of the poster board frames flat down on work space, be sure that the color that you want to show is facing down. Put glue around the edge of the inner frame hole. Place the waxed paper creation on board on top of glue. Be careful in lining this up, glue gets very messy. Add more glue to this, from where the edge of the poster board is (but this will now be on top of the waxed paper/leaf part) out to the edge of the board. Rubber cement, cover completely, Elmer's streak it, but make sure it gets in the corners and the outside/ inside edges.

Place second poster board, with desired color facing up, directly on top of the glue. Making sure the inner and outer edges match up. Gently smooth from inside out. Let dry.

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