Stained Glass Crafts: Making A Stained Glass Window Chime

Learn how to make a stained glass window chime. Great project to sell at craft shows, church fairs, or give as a gift.

Making a glass window chime will make a beautiful accent in any home. I will be making a pentagon chime. I chose a pentagon because it is a five-sided object the shape of a little house. It will be one solid piece of glass making it stronger to support the chimes. I will describe step-by- step directions for doing this glass window chime. There are some tools to gather and a shopping list for supplies you might not have on hand. I will describe and give measurements for the pentagon. The easiest thing to do is make a template from my measurements. Remember that it is easier to measure twice and cut just once. When using a drill in this project makes sure that it is a cordless hand held type.

List of tools to assemble:




Glass Cutter


Solder Iron

Copper Foil

Glass Marking Pen


Small Needle-Nose Pliers

Wire - this must accept soldering for top of pentagon

Regular wire for attaching chimes

Container for water

Foam Board

Cordless handheld Drill

1/16 Diamond Tip Drill Bit

Safety Glasses

To draw the pattern I will give some measurements then just connect the dots. Using your ruler and pen draw a vertical line five and three fourths inches long on your cardboard then place a dot at the top. Next find the center of this line and make a registration mark. Place the ruler on your registration mark and draw a horizontal line with three inches on either side. Place a dot at each end. Go to the bottom of your vertical line and make another horizontal line with two inches on either side. Place a dot at each end. Now connect the dots using your ruler. Draw a line from the bottom dot to the middle and then a line to the top dot and repeat on the other side. Now measure three strips one inch wide. Make two of them about seven inches long and the other eight. Now cut out your pattern pieces.

Lay your pieces on the glass. Your glass has a front and backside and the design in the glass is like a wood grain running top to bottom. When you lay your pattern, be sure you are on the right side and the glass pattern is top to bottom. Mark around your pattern pieces.

Since all your lines are straight scoring and breaking should be easy. Now is the time to put your safety glasses on. Hold your cutter perfectly perpendicular to the glass. Do this to prevent the cutting wheel from damage. Place your ruler on the glass next to your pattern line. Holding the glass cutter like a pen start at the top and pull toward you to score the line. Use firm but not hard pressure on the cutter. You will hear the crackling sound as your cutter glides over the glass. Now place the scored edge of the glass even with the edge of the table and with a quick downward snap to break it. Move to your next line score and break. Repeat this for all your pieces.

You will need to mark the drill holes. From the bottom edge of the pentagon find the center and mark half inch up. From the sides mark one half inch in. One each of the strips the mark is one half inch down from the top.

Take your dishpan with foam board on bottom and add water to about one inch in depth. You will want the glass and the drill tip to be just under the water. Hold the glass firmly again the bottom and set your drill on high speed. Drill your holes on top the glass. Follow the same procedure for all the drill holes. The foam board will cushion the glass.

After your holes are drilled you need to sand all glass edges to remove any sharp slivers. If you have a glass grinder run each piece through until it is smooth to the touch. If you do not have a glass grinder you may need to go to your local stained glass shop.

Foil all the glass pieces. Take your copper foil and peel back the adhesive tape. Begin applying the foil starting at the center bottom edge. Hold the glass on end center it on the foil and adhere it all the way around slightly overlapping and cut. Press down the foil all around the glass. Take a wooden item such as a pencil or clothespin and again press down the foil. When done, the glass and foil should be smooth to the touch. Repeat this process for all pieces.

To make the hook for your hanging wind chime cut a three-inch piece of wire. Find the center of the wire and curl it once around a pencil to form a loop. Position the loop on top of the pentagon then pull the wire on either end to conform to the shape of the top. The extra wire will give it strength.

Heat the solder iron. Position the hook on the top edge where it will be attached. Take your brush and apply flux to the foil and wire. Hold your iron in one hand and solder in the other and drip solder onto the wire to tack it in place. Once it is tacked run a bead on it and continue around the rest of the foiled edge. Repeat for the three strips.

Cut three pieces of wire five inches long. With your needle nose pliers form a hook by curling it upward and thread from front to back through hole in strip press back against glass. You could add some beads to the wire for further embellishment. Next, form a hook downward and slip through the hole at the bottom of pentagon. Repeat for all strips. Clean then polish your glass. Hang it in the window.

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