Stained Glass Mosaic Tile Ideas

By Jennifer Blair

Mosaic surfaces are an ideal way to add color and texture to any room. However, using stained glass tile to create a mosaic pattern, creates an especially dazzling effect, since the colored glass reflects the light for added dimension. If you like the idea of a stained glass mosaic in your home, but are unsure where to incorporate it, there are a variety of options. Focus on rooms where the glass mosaic will have maximum impact, as well as exposure to natural light.

Mediterranean-Inspired Backsplash

Stained glass mosaic tile can create a beautiful backsplash. However, if you have a Mediterranean-inspired kitchen full of warm earth tones, use stained glass in cool tones to build a truly eye-catching look behind your sink or stove. Use stained glass tiles in blues and greens to offset the warm tones of terra cotta, yellow, red, cream and brown that fill the rest of the room. By pairing blue and green glass tile with earth tones, you create a combination that conjures up the sense of sea and earth that is a trademark of Mediterranean décor. Opt for a single blue and single green shade, or draw upon several tones of each to create a multi-dimensional mosaic backsplash to serve as the focal point of your kitchen.

Floral Fireplace Surround

Instead of using plain stone or ceramic tile to cover your fireplace surround, create a dazzling look for your living room or den by using stained glass mosaic tile. While a standard color block mosaic is an attractive option, make your fireplace truly stand out by using the tiles to create a floral design. Start with a background of stained glass in a soft shade, such as pale green, blue or yellow. Use brighter tones of green to create leaves and stems and cap them with bold flowers in bright shades of red, blue, purple and orange. Your fireplace will captivate the attention of everyone in the room, even when there’s no fire lit.

Colorful Geometric Tabletop

To add a colorful pop to your living room, den or bedroom, create a mosaic top for an end table using stained glass tile. Creating geometric shapes for your mosaic is an ideal look for a room that features contemporary styling. Begin with a background of white stained glass and choose several bright shades to create the shapes. Primary colors, such as red, yellow and blue are ideal, but the secondary colors of green, purple and orange are attractive as well. Depending on the size of your tabletop, choose several different shapes, such as a square, rectangle, triangle, diamond and circle. Add hardwood molding or trim to create a picture frame border for the table for a finished look.

Shimmering Blue Bath Surround

In a bathroom, stained glass mosaic tile can create a lovely, shimmering effect for your shower surround. For a truly stunning look, use tiles in several shades of blue. Start with the palest shades of blue at the top of the shower, mixing in darker, richer shades as you work your way down. Using the tile in this way simulates the look of water and creates a cascading effect that is particularly attractive when the stained glass tile shimmers in the light or under the shower spray.

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