How To Start An Inventory Video Service

Looking to start a profitable home video business? Read this article to find out how!

If you're looking for a home business that is relatively easy to start, then you may be interested in an Inventory Video Service. The purpose of this business is to use a video camera to record all of the belongings in a house or apartment. These items include, furniture, antiques, appliances, clothing, curtains, drapes, stereo equipment, televisions, cordless phones, glassware, et cetera.

Why would anyone want to record their belongings with a video camera? So, that, in case of fire, natural disaster, or theft, the owner has an inventory of their items on tape. Having this tape can make filing a report with their insurance company a lot easier.

To start such a business, you basically need a video camera, a spare battery pack and tapes, knowledge of how to use the camera effectively, a business permit or license, and liability insurance.

Check with your local court house to see what kind of license or permit you need.

You'll need liability insurance to protect you and your business. This type of insurance will cover you if you accidentally break or damage an item at your customer's place of residence.

Then, once you're set up legally, it's time to advertise your new home business. Design some professional looking business cards on your computer. Then, print them out on your computer's printer. Or, you can visit your local printer and pay to have some made up.

You can also design and print out some one page flyers to advertise your business as well. Make sure that you include your business name, your name, address, home phone number, cell phone number and email address.

Pass your business cards and the flyers out to your family, friends, and neighbors. Get permission at area stores to leave your flyers on the windshields of vehicles in their parking lots.

Decide how much you are going to charge for every video taping that you do. You'll have to include the costs of the tapes you use. You'll also have to decide on an hourly charge. Charging by the hour is the best way since some houses or apartments are small, while others are larger. Not only that, but

some of your customers will have a few items. Others will have a lot of items that you'll need to record and make an inventory of.

Once you get your first customer, set up an appointment with them. When that day arrives, walk through their residence with them. Have them point out and describe items as you run the video camera. Be sure that you cover their entire home, from the basement to the attic.

After you have completed the inventory for a customer, you should sit down and play the tape with them. Let them see your work. Make sure that the quality of the tape is up to their expectations. Once the job is done, you can then write out a bill for your services. It's best to collect your bill right on the spot, but you can allow your customers to have up to thirty days to pay their bills.

Finally, advise your customers to keep their videos in a safe place and to call you again in a year or so for a new inventory taping.

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