How to Start a Medical Billing and Coding Company

By Nicki Howell

  • Overview

    Starting a medical billing and coding company is a great choice for individuals interested in the medical industry. But many worry they can't be successful if they don't have experience. Don't fret, because there are many online programs that will prepare you for this business. And if you have experience, you are a step closer to launching your business. Here are some helpful tips.
    • Step 1

      Enroll in a medical coding and billing program. If you haven't worked in the medical field before, or aren't familiar with medical billing and coding practices, consider enrolling in a program. Penn Foster Career School offers these programs in an online format, so you never have to leave your home.
    • Step 2

      Apply for a business license. Contact your city's business department and file an application. This will cost about $50 and should take a couple weeks to process. Make sure to also check your city's website because this can often be done online.

    • Step 3

      Create a business plan for your company. This should include marketing, financing and operations procedures and strategies. If you haven't created a formal business plan before, consider using a template. Companies like Bplans offer free templates online.
    • Step 4

      Create a small marketing package. This should include an inexpensive flier or pamphlet and business cards. When meeting with potential clients, this will provide a professional image.
    • Step 5

      Build your clientele. Once you have laid the groundwork for a successful medical billing and coding business, you are ready to contact potential clients. You can bid on projects at sites like Guru--just check under the administrative projects section. You can also contact the Office Manager of local medical practices and hospitals and request a meeting. Make sure to bring your marketing materials and pricing information.
    • Skill: Moderately Challenging
    • Tip: Don't get discouraged if you don't generate business immediately. Building a medical billing and coding business takes time. Once the word spreads about your services, you can scale back on marketing and increase revenue producing activities.
    • Warning:
    • Don't forget to hold back taxes. Since you will be functioning as an independent contractor, don't forget to keep all pay stubs and expense receipts. This will prepare you for tax time.

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