How To Start A Newsletter!

Learn how to start an e-mail newsletter using a theme, programs, and some basic steps to attract subscribers to you!

Creating and successfully running an electronic newsletter is a much easier and less costly endeavor than trying to put together a paper version of the same newsletter. You will save the costs of copying and postage, not to mention the supplies you would need to purchase, and the time that the project would take to put together.

Listed in this article are the basic steps you will need to take in order to start your own electronic newsletter.

The first step is to secure Internet access, if you don't already have it,a reliable computer, and an e-mail account or program. (If your subscriber list is going to be short, an ordinary e-mail program will work just fine. If, however, you plan on building an extensive list of subscribers, then you will need to invest in an e-mail program which is capable of handling the task.) These items make-up your method of delivering your completed newsletter to your subscribers.

You will also use the Internet for business communications, etc., but delivering the finished product is as important as the mailperson delivering your mail from the post office to your home address or office! Lucky for you, though, you won't have to worry about adverse weather or dogs that bite.

The next step is to decide what theme your newsletter will cover. The subject can be anything that interests you, such as collecting antiques,gardening, cooking, cat lovers, dog lovers, young parents with children, romance book readers, sewing enthusiasts, etc. Keep your theme in mind when you choose a catchy name for your newsletter.

Your next step is to design a layout for your newsletter. You must decide if you will place your newsletter in in the body of an e-mail or make it a separate it a separate attachment. Keep in mind, though, that long newsletters are sometimes too large to be sent via an e-mail account. Keep your newsletter shorter and directed to the point. At this point, you must also decide how often you will send your newsletter out. Will it be weekly, monthly, quarterly?

Next, you will need to write-up and compile a sample newsletter. Send it to family and friends who might be interested in receiving your newsletter. Also, in return for the preview sample, ask them for their thoughts and feedback about your newsletter.

Next, you will need to increase your reading audienceby subscribing to Internet bulletin boards, chat rooms, etc. You can also find plenty of places to put free classified ads advertising your newsletter.

If you obtain a large number of subscribers, you might want to check-out some software programs, such as autoresponders, to help answer correspondence, and help assist you with your task. Effective programs can save you much-needed time and energy.

Finally, you must decide if your newsletter is simply a free service, or if you would like to try and make some money from it. Charging subcribers is an option, but not a very popular one. Your best route, in order to obtain a profit from your newsletter, is to sell products and services connected with your theme and then offer advertising space for a price in your newsletter.

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