How to Start a Small Christian Business

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    Are you a Christian who dreams of starting your very own small business? You may desire to operate a business that is geared towards those of like faith and offer products and/or services that meet that specific niche market. Christian-themed businesses are extremely popular venues, with many opportunities and considerable competition. If you want to learn about ways to get your enterprise off the ground, there are some things you should consider to achieve your goals.
    • Step 1

      Consider starting a home business. Start-up costs for home businesses are less than more "conventional" businesses, since you don't have to rent space or equipment. There is less overhead, more independence and it is more convenient, particularly if you have small children and desire to stay home with them. You'll need to have a good, well-organized home office and readily available supplies and equipment. You also need to determine a work schedule, to avoid the likelihood of interruption or distractions.
    • Step 2

      Think about having an original online Christian business. The world wide web can literally bring millions of consumers to you who are seeking products and services that are based on their faith. You can start an original business of your own and create a website that features merchandise and services that other believers will be interested in.

    • Step 3

      Give serious thought to operating an online "turnkey" business. A turnkey businesses is an online business that is already set up, with everything necessary already in place, so you can begin immediately. There are, for example, online stores, like Cafe Press, that have items, such as clothing, mugs, bumper stickers, etc., that allow you to put your own business name on the store, put your own Christian-themed logos, designs and slogans on the merchandise and set your own prices. You would pay a certain percentage of profits to the people who produce the turnkey site and keep the rest of your earnings. Some online turnkey businesses require a small to moderate fee, while others require no investment. The advantage of having an online turnkey business is that a third party handles the sales, inventory, shipping, customer service, etc., while you are just responsible for customizing merchandise, checking your sales stats and keeping your store current.
    • Step 4

      Create a business plan, once you have decided what kind of Christian business you want to start. It should include a description of your business, what products and services you offer, information about your niche market, short and long-range goals, marketing strategies., budget outline, projected monthly/annual income and the like. A business plan will help you become focused on your objectives and will help you remain on track for keeping your business organized and accountable.
    • Step 5

      Find out what legal responsibilities are required, if you are running a business out of your home. If you ship your Christian-themed products directly to customers, keep inventory on site or hire workers, certain zoning laws, business licensing and taxes may be required. You need to know this information, to make certain that you are within the law and that you will not run the risk of getting fined.
    • Skill: Moderate
    • Tip: Pray for wisdom about what the best Christian-based business for you to start is.
    • Tip: Make sure your family is agreeable to your running a business.
    • Tip: Make certain you have the time and money to start and run a business.
    • Tip: Remember to run your business with integrity.

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