Starting A Baseball Card Collection

Learn how to start up a baseball card collection. In only minutes you will have the tips and secrets on how to have a successful collection.

Ok, so you want to start up a Baseball Card collection. Well it is a great hobby to get involved in, in only a short time you can have a great collection started up. The first thing to have a successful collection is interest. The more interest you have the better your collection will be, because collecting is something that takes some time to be satisfying. Just going out and buying any single card or a pack or even a box is not the best idea.

Another key is thinking of a collection as an investment. You are investing money now into a player (stock) that you think will rise in the future and you can sell. The only difference is cards only fall if a player falters during his career. If a player retires after a successful career his card will not diminish in value, it will rise eventually.

The best way to know what you want is to research. Study up on baseball a little bit, know who are the good players to collect, but especially look into the minor leagues and check up on the younger prospects. The players who have the best possible upside are the younger prospects, because they can be bought cheap and sold later on when they prosper as major leaguers. The best brand as far as collecting prospects is concerned is Bowman. Their sets of cards each year are packed with rookies and their cards in general have the highest book value of any other brand cards. If you want to upgrade with Bowman as in most other brands of cards to go for a higher risk/reward you can buy Bowman Best, or the best card's overall Bowman's Chrome. I say this because Bowman's Chrome cards are generally the best cards to buy because of their great reward. Other brands such as Topps also produce excellent cards with a great chance of getting money back on your investment.

A successful collection also has many cards that are bought individually. Some cards come to a collector by chance, but eventually a collector will have to break out their wallet and just buy the card they have been trying to obtain. The best way to invest in a card collection is as previously stated through rookie cards. Gunning for all the rookies in a certain class (year) is difficult because of the difficult odds. Buying a few of the cards you are missing is better than going out and buying packs in hopes of getting those few cards, because eventually a collector begins to gain an excess of duplicates of cards. You can't have enough of cards in a collection, but a collection is healthier when it has complete sets. It is not smart to spend ten dollars on a few packs hoping to get one card when it costs only $5 to buy. Also the sheer odds of pulling a card are so difficult with sets having as many as 800 cards at times.

So have fun with your collection, but be smart. I would suggest just getting started by buying a few assorted packs and buying a guide with price listings from any card shop around. Look at the book, target cards and see which packs have the rarer and more expensive cards. It should be a great hobby that you're never too old or young to keep up with.

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