Starting Your Own Walking Club

A walking club is a great way to get motivated and stick to your exercise.

Exercising can be tough to stick with when you have to do it alone. Lack of discipline will sabotage any exercise program and that is why groups like Weight Watchers, L.A. Weight Loss, and Curves are so successful. People feel like they are more likely to succeed when they have to answer to someone else for their progress. Starting a walking club is a great way to make sure you get your exercise without paying outrageous fees to an organization.

A walking club can consist of as little as two people or expand into the hundreds. Walking clubs participate in daily walks for regular exercise and they can plan field trips to places where a lot of walking is required. Occasionally walking clubs plan hikes in state parks or take trips for long walks on the beach. Walking clubs can meet at local tracks, parks, and malls or they can just walk around their neighborhoods.

To start a walking club you need to find other interested parties to be members. Many communities have walking clubs and you might discover that there is already one you can join. If not, start advertising your desire to start a walking club by posting announcements on bulletin boards at libraries, local grocery stores, even telephone poles in your neighborhood. Your local weight loss center might even let you post some announcements at their shops. Check in with your local health food stores to see if they will let you post an announcement in their window. Don't forget to get your own family members involved in the club. By the time you have let everyone know about your walking club you will have walkers lining up outside your door.

Once you have a few members you should begin by holding regular meetings. At meetings you can provide some healthy refreshments such as a vegetable platter or fresh fruit and bottled water. Take small collections to help finance the refreshments or have each member bring an item. At your meetings you can decide when you will walk and how you will split up groups of walkers. You can periodically switch up groups to give all of your walkers a chance to get to know one another. Your group might decide that it wants to walk all together at a local park or at another designated place. Make it fun by naming your walking club and purchasing some inexpensive t-shirts with your group's name on them. Be sure you set up regular schedules and obtainable walking goals. Not everyone in your walking club will be able to walk at the same pace or for the same amount of time.

Once you start a walking schedule with your group be sure to stick to it. Regular walks that everyone is expected to participate in will help keep your members motivated. Plan alternate activities for days when it is rainy or too cold such as a mall walk or indoor track. Staying regular with your exercise is the main goal of a walking club. Members should stick together and give encouragement to each other. Plan periodical celebrations to reward yourselves for all of your hard work and dedication.

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