Starting A Prayer Chain In Your Church

Start a successfull prayer chain in your church. Call when you need prayer is comforting.

People need prayer and to know that there is a place or person to call when in need of prayer is comforting.

By following the following guides you can successfully start a prayer chain in your church.

Choosing people known as prayer partners for the prayer chain is very important. First you want to make sure that the people you choose believe in prayer and that God answers all prayer. People who have a dedicated prayer life should be your first choice. You will also need people who are available for daytime prayer and nighttime prayer.

Distribute a flyer or post on bulletin board to announce that you will be needing people who want to join the prayer chain. You may also know individuals who you want to contact personally. Be sure to let the pastor know all the people who are willing to pray before placing them on the prayer chain.

You will need people for the daytime prayer chain and the nighttime prayer chain. Daytime prayer chain should be available from eight am in the morning until five PM in the evening, The night time prayer chain will take over from five PM until midnight, with the exception that all prayer lines can be called in case of an emergency. You will need a person in each prayer chain to be the first contact person. Be sure that all calls after midnight are for emergencies only.

Contact people are the first one that a person calls for prayer. They then proceed to pass it on to the next one on the list. The contact person is also responsible to pass the pray request on to the next group. Thereby the morning group will pass to the night group and nighttime group to the daytime group.

After you have people for each group, make a Prayer Chain Sheet with each person's name and phone number. Make two columns, one for the daytime group and one for the night time group. Place your contact person at the top of each columns. Write directions on the Prayer Sheet on using this list. After you are established you may want to have this list available to pass out to the congregation so that they may start calling when in need. You should keep copies of this list available at your church at all times.

You may want to have a meeting to share about how to use the prayer sheet and to answer any questions that may arise.

Here are some subjects you might want to talk about and consider:

It is vitally important that the prayer partners are in the right place with God, before praying for someone.

It is important that each prayer partner writes down all prayer requests for accuracy. Giving them a small note book will help with this.

Under no circumstances add to the prayer request with your own thoughts. Do not give an explanation as to what you think about the situation. Give only the facts as they are presented to you. Some prayer request will be just simply "I need prayer" know as a unspoken request. Remember God already knows the situation.

Being polite and courteous at all times is very important. Remember that the person on the other end of the phone may be upset at the time. A warm friendly reply makes all the difference.

The life chain to the prayer chain is that each prayer partner passes the prayer request on to the next available person on the list. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

When a person calls you for prayer, please make sure that they want to be put on the prayer chain. Never put a person or there request on the prayer chain unless they want to be; Even if you feel they should be.

Nothing should keep a prayer partner from praying. If company should be there when a prayer request comes in, pray that God gives you the boldness to pray in front of them. Who knows, it may be a witness for an unsaved person. If a Christian is there, let the Christian agree with you as you pray. Nothing should keep you from praying. If the request is to remain confidential, then by all means go to another room to pray. If this is unavailable at the time, then pray without mentioning the person or request. After all, God knows.

Confidentiality is the key word. All prayers are strictly confidential. Your prayer people should not talk about the situation in conversations with others. Do not go up to the person in church concerning the prayer request unless they approach you to talk about it. Do not discuss the situation among other prayer partners.

We all have problems, but do not bring them up during your time of prayer with others. Do not talk about your own personal problems when called to pray.

If you cannot pray when a prayer partner calls, please ask them to call the next available prayer partner. Assure them you will pray as soon as you are available to do so.

When calling a prayer partner and you receive an answering machine, PLEASE leave the prayer request on the answering machine and continue calling until you reach another person. By leaving the prayer request on the answer machine it gives that prayer partner a chance to pray for the request, too.

We all need prayer, feel free to put yourself on the prayer chain when need be. Remember a prayer chain that is available and meets the needs of the people can become a great asset to your church.

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