Starting A Small Business: Marketing Vs Advertising

What are the steps of marketing and advertising and how you should do both to have a successful small business.

When starting a small business you have to market your business and advertise what you do. As a small business owner you will not have the revenue to hire a marketing firm or a public relation firm to do the work for you. You the business owner will have to be responsible for your own marketing and advertising. Which one should you do? Both. You have to market and advertise your business.

Marketing is a promotional strategy that will tell you who, what, and where. You have to let people know who you are, what type of business you have and where you are located. If you don't tell anyone you have started a small business, they won't know you exist. In the beginning word of mouth is your best marketing strategy. Spreading the word through family and friends is your first step. After telling people you have business, you then have to tell them what type of business you have developed. You have to explain to everyone what your business will do and how it can benefit him or her. Once they know your business exist and what it does, you then have to tell them where it's located. Are you running a home-base business or do you have a location for your business outside your home? When you start to market your business make sure you target the audience for your company. This is when you identify the people or businesses that could use your service. Writing out marketing plan is a good idea, especially for a small business owner. It will help you focus on how to get your business out there.

Advertising is giving information to the public by announcing your business through newspapers, magazines, billboards or broadcasting over the radio or on TV. It cost money to advertise. There is low cost advertising that most small business owner's start-off with. You can do company brochures, flyers and direct mail. There is no way to advertise your business without some expense, even if you use the Web. A Web page has a monthly cost too. When you start advertising your business be prepared to set-up a budget for your advertising. If you start-off with low cost advertising you need a budget for that also. You can start-off with a small budget to advertise, but as your company grows, your advertising budget should increase. When your company has grown to a certain level, you might want to hire a public relation firm to advertise your business for you. Advertising is one of the keys to a successful business.

Marketing and Advertising go hand and hand when you start your own small business. You need to do both and do them well to succeed. Both marketing and advertising is the notification of your small business. Marketing is telling the public that you have a business and advertising is telling the public about your business. They both are a direct connection to people that you can do business with and for. The difference between marketing and advertising is: with marketing you can go directly to the public yourself and with advertising you pay different establishments to make the public aware of your small business. You start-off marketing your company to get it out there and then you advertise about your company to keep it out there. Without marketing and advertising your business won't have a chance of being successful. They both are your connection to the public. Without that connection you won't have a business.

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