Starting A Small Business: Office Phone System Reviews

When choosing a phone system for your small business there are a lot of options to consider. What will you need your phone to do?

Starting a Small Business: Office Phone System Reviews

When choosing a phone system for your small business there are a lot of options to consider. You should begin by asking yourself what elements are important to your know phone system. What will you need your phone to do? A few of the basic features you need to consider include the following: range of motion, number of phone lines, security, conference calling, sound quality and messaging capabilities.

Considering Range of Motion

The first and most important consideration is range of motion. Will you need to walk around while you are talking on the phone? If so, how far from the base of the phone will you be walking? Cordless phones come in a variety of styles. Once you have chosen between a cordless or corded phone, you have narrowed your following options.

Number of phone Lines

How many phone lines does your business have? Some corded phones come with multiple line indicators. This is an important feature if you to prevent calls from being interrupted. Line indicators allow you to see which lines are being used and prevent someone from accidently picking up a line that is being used. In addition some phones are equipped with multiple ring styles. The phone will ring differently for each line allowing the user to know which line is ringing based on the ring style.


If you are choosing a cordless phone system security will also be a consideration. The most common type of phone used right now is the 900 Mhz. However, the 900 Mhz signal is easily picked up by commercial scanners. The FCC has also authorized the use of 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 Ghz phones. Most scanners can not pick up 2.4 Ghz frequencies. The 5.8 Ghz frequency provides the highest level of security available.

Conference Calling

If you have a need for conference calling, you will want to ensure that the phone system you choose allows for conference calls. If you do a lot of conference calling from a specific location such as a conference room you may want to invest in a dedicated conference phone system for that room. When considering which conference phone system to choose the following information will be useful: How far will the conference phone be from the phone jack? How many people will be on the conference call? How big is the room for the conference call? For conference calls involving many people, or for calls in a large conference room, there are conference phones available with speakers that extend away from the base of the phone to encompass a broader range within the conference room. Conference calls also utilize half or full duplex technology. Full duplex allows the speaker to hear while speaking. Half duplex blocks all sounds accept the sound coming from the speaker.

Messaging Capabilities

Another consideration is your need for an answering machine or voice mail. Some phone systems allow for multiple mailboxes, so messages may be left for more than one person. Touch-tone greeting directories are available, so that the user may use a menu to select the person for whom to leave a message. Some mailbox systems will notify you when you have a new voicemail utilizing a call indicator light on the phone panel. Alternatively, a phone with built in answering machine is possibility for business not wanting to invest in a voice mail system.

Additional features to consider are LCD display useful for displaying caller information if you have subscribed to caller ID through your phone service.

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