All About Stella Mccartney

A history and description of the famous clothing designer Stella McCartney, her life and work.

Growing up as the child of one of the famous Beatles can bring about a lot of publicity and fanfare.The child of Sir Paul and Linda McCartney, Stella McCartney already grew up in the limelight of being the daughter of one of the world's most famous voices.Aside from this fact, Stella has become famous and recognized worldwide on the fashion scene by her own right.

In 1995, Stella graduated from London's prestigious Central St. Martin's College of Art and Design.Immediately she gained attention by presenting her graduation portfolio of clothing by dressing famous models Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell in her works.Immediately, the world caught on, and Tokyo decided to grab her entire collection.The graduation fashion show made front-page news.

In 1997, McCartney was offered the position as chief designer at Chloe, a French design house.Her predecessor was the world famous Karl Lagerfeld.Met with some speculation and skepticism since Stella was the daughter of a famous rock n' roller, some critics snubbed her as simply a child of fortune.But her talent was soon realized when she presented her designs in October of '97.Combining such staples as camisoles with business suits, Stella updated looks from the early 1970's and made them fashionable for the 90's.The critics were abuzz and loved her work.In fact, Stella increased Chloe's sales profits by 500 percent.In 2000 she was awarded the VH1/Vogue Designer of the year award.

In 2003, Stella married longtime boyfriend Alasdhair Willis, publisher of Wallpaper Magazine.Willis was known for being label and fashion conscious.Her dress was an updated version of the one worn by her mother Linda, who passed away in 1998.In addition to her own wedding dress, Stella McCartney has also designed dresses for celebrities including Liv Tyler and Madonna.

Many pieces of the designer's collection are considered fashion must-haves.Airbrushed T-shirts and sunglasses embedded with rhinestones are only some examples of the bold styling Stella's line offers.But it is highly unlikely you will find a piece made with fur.Stella is an avid animal rights supporter and has done a lot of work with the animal rights activist group PETA.Many times in her line, the designer meshes street wear with softer, more classic looks to create a look that is signature to her name. She admits her mother's choice in fashion is a huge influence on many of her design choices today, and often gets emotional when she references her.

Stella McCartney's name is increasingly famous with every line she produces.Many celebrities proudly tell the media that they enjoy purchasing and wearing items by the designer, including actress Gwynneth Paltrow.Most recently, Stella McCartney obtained the opportunity to deign a new line of Adidas clothing made specifically for women.This is Adidas' first line of sport performance clothing made especially for women, so it is a huge compliment that the company has chosen Stella's designs.With the hailing from critics, and flagship stores in places like New York City, the sky's the limit for this young designer, and it's not just because of the family name.You can also find designs by Stella McCartney in upscale department stores such as Neiman Marcus.

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