How To Store Holiday Decorations

Putting away holiday decorations can become an annoying chore. Follow tips like these to make this job easier and neater.

After a major holiday season where you have decked the house from top to bottom, you may dread taking down and putting away your lovely decorations. From Christmas cards to yuletide gifts and tree ornaments, your hands will be full of things to store away for next year. Here are a few ideas to make the job a little easier:

1. During the year, pick up storage containers for specific things that you have in mind and put these in the basement or a closet for the next holiday. Cardboard cartons, plastic tubs, and wooden crates will come in handy when you are looking for ways to pack things away so they won't break. Don't just get any old container, though. Look for those that are clean and durable, suitable for the type of decorations you already have or are planning to buy. Avoid used boxes with stains or damage, as they may not hold up very long after being packed with decorations.

2. Place similar ornaments in the same box. For example, Christmas tree decorations and lights should be packed in same-size cartons and marked accordingly. You may even want to color code the boxes for future reference and easy identification. Place mantelpieces and window candles in their own box, and save outdoor displays for larger wooden crates or storage bins. Tinsel or garland can be wrapped around empty gift wrap tubes and placed in grocery bags to preserve them.

3. Wrap breakable items individually in newspaper. For added protection, you can place layers of unfolded newspaper between each section of decorations. You may even want to pack the bottom and sides with newsprint or fabric to keep things from breaking if the containers are moved or bumped. Use paper towels to wrap light-colored items that might absorb newsprint. Delicate or heirloom decorations should be carefully wrapped and stored separately to reduce the risk of breakage.

4. Prepare a section of your basement, attic, garage, shed, or storage closet to keep all the decorations together if possible. Sweep and dust the area, and remove heavy items or unbalanced stacks that might fall and break or damage carton contents. Set out pest pellets or insect traps to repel mice or bugs that like to nest in boxes among newspapers. Take care that the kids and pets don't get into the pest toxins or play among the breakables.

5. Shop post-holiday sales for discounts on special holiday storage items. Tubular plastic containers for gift-wrap rolls and vinyl tubs on wheels can make useful additions to your storage collection, although you may not necessarily want to pay full price. Sort containers and decorations each year to discard broken items or those you no longer find attractive. Donate them to thrift stores or social service organizations that can pass them along to needy families.

Organizing your holiday decorations for storage can make good use of limited space. In addition, you will be able to quickly locate needed items next year, and they should be in good condition.

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