What Stores Carry HP Notebooks With XP Software?

By Monica Miller

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    So, you're an HP notebook loyalist, and you'd rather run barefoot through a colony of fire ants before giving up your precious XP for, gulp, Vista. First, the bad news. As of June 30, 2008, Microsoft stopped puttings its XP operating system on newly manufactured computers, replacing it in favor of the newer, but much less popular, Windows Vista. Furthermore, small businesses that custom build PCs have only until the end of January 2009 to order XP for their units. Now, the good news. Not only is it still possible to find plenty of XP notebook computers (particularly if you're open to refurbished or used models), but Microsoft has extended manufacturers' use of XP for netbooks--those wildly popular mini notebooks that are taking the computer world by storm--through June 30, 2010. Even better news for HP notebook lovers is the fact that HP is one of the industry leaders in netbooks. Whether it's an HP netbook that has caught your attention, or a full-sized laptop with XP that you want, there are a variety of places you can go online and offline to find it. Here are some suggestions.
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      Determine if you want an HP netbook or a full-sized notebook computer. If you want a netbook, the first place you may want to go is the HP store online (see Resources for the link) and take a look at the current available models. The HP Mini comes with either an 8.9 inch or 10.1 inch screen, and the XP Home operating system. Check the site frequently for special offers and deals.
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      Visit your local Best Buy or Office Depot to check out the HP Mini. These stores regularly stock HP netbooks, and there's no better way to know how one feels than to actually try out a display model. Check out the clearance areas of these stores as well to see if there are any older model HP laptops available.

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      Call electronic dealers in your area. The big chain stores are likely to carry only Vista-enabled full-sized notebooks, but smaller, independent dealers may have older HP notebooks in stock with XP. Chances are these are refurbished models, but in many cases there is nothing wrong with these units other than cosmetic flaws or their "outdated" status. A reputable dealer should be open to discussing with you the notebook's history. Also check out computer repair shops in your area. They may have a small inventory of unwanted or discarded laptops that have been repaired and are for sale.
    • Step 4

      Find an HP notebook with XP at on online store. Reputable stores such as Buy.com, PC Nation, MacMall, PC Connection, Provantage, California Computer Center, Tiger Direct, Geeks.com, Overstock.com, and USANotebook often have XP models in their inventory.
    • Step 5

      Find a used or reconditioned HP notebook with XP at auction sites such as eBay, or at resellers' sites such as Amazon Marketplace. Be a savvy shopper, of course, and make sure to note the seller's feedback, reputation, experience, guarantees (if any), return policy, and so forth.
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    • Tip: Make sure when buying a refurbished laptop that the manufacturer has refurbished it, or it is labeled "factory reconditioned." This will ensure that high standards have been met in renewing and/or repairing the laptop. It is possible that a third-party company could refurbish the laptop just as well, but unless you are sure of that company's reputation and competency, it's best to stick with the manufacturer.
    • Tip: Check for a warranty, even when buying a refurbished model. Often the terms of the warranty are good enough to cover parts and labor should a problem arise early on.
    • Warning:
    • Be careful when buying a used notebook from a yard sale, classified ad, pawn shop, or other "too good to be true" deal spot. Yes, it may be just the HP model you've been looking for, and loaded with XP to boot. But that might not be the only thing it's loaded with. Remember the adage: you get what you pay for.

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