Storing And Giving Cookies As Gifts

Information on ways to store and give cookies as gifts. With such topics on freezing cookies and how to mail them.

Cookies can come in all shapes and types from a bar cookie, to drop cookies, refrigerator cookies, rolled cookies and shaped cookies. Most of these cookies can be baked ahead if they are properly stored. If cookies are stored properly they will keep there fresh from the oven flavor.

If your looking at just a short-time storage follow these suggestions. When storing cookies don't mix soft and crisp varieties in the same container because the crisp types will soon become soft. Store most of the cookies in a tightly covered container such as a plastic or metal container with a sealable cover or a canister with a snug lid. Soft cookies can be stored in a loosely covered container. If you want to add moisture to soft cookies which have begun to dry out you can place an apple half skin side down on top of the cookies in the storage container. Remove the fruit and discard the fruit after a day or two. Cookies with very moist fillings should be stored in a loose covered container. Refrigerate if desired. For easy storage of bar cookies store them in the pan in which they were baked make sure you cover the pan tightly.

For a longer storage you should freeze baked cookies in freezer containers, freezer bags or foil. They can be frozen up to twelve months. But make sure you always pack fragile cookies in freezer containers. Before serving the cookies make sure you thaw them in their original freezer wrappings. When freezing unbaked cookies you should pack the dough into freezer containers or shape stiff dough into rolls. Always securely wrap them in foil. Unbaked cookies can be frozen up to six months.

Cookies can be made ahead of time too to give as gifts. Everybody likes a delicious baked treat. When giving cookies as gifts there are special ways that they should be packaged especially if they have to be mailed. When mailing packaged cookies you should avoid sending cookies that are fragile or brittle such as sugar cookies. Brownies, bar cookies and drop cookies are least likely to be damaged when mailed because they're more sturdy. Eliminate cookies with moist fillings or frostings as they become sticky at room temperture.

Secondly, you should choose a durable cardboard box or metal container for packaging the cookies. Line the container with waxed paper, foil, or plastic wrap. You should then place a layer of the same material or crumpled newspaper on the bottom. Make sure you don't use popped popcorn or puffed cereal for packing material as this tends to attract insects.

Next you should properly pack cookies inside the box. You should do this by wrapping cookies individually or in pairs back-to-back using plastic wrap or foil. Place the wrapped cookies in snug rows inside the packaging container. Inbetween each layer of the cookies you should place a cushion of crumpled wax paper, newspaper or paper toweling. By doing this the cookies won't have room to move inside the box and become crushed. Make sure you don't forget to put a final layer of cushioning material on the top of the packing container.

Bar cookies can be left in a foil pan as long as, the pan is cushioned inside the packaged container with newspaper or paper toweling.

Now your ready to tape the outer box shut. Proceed to wrap the box in mailing paper and tie it with a string. Make sure you then clearly label the box with the addresses of both the receiver and the sender. Write fragile and handle with care on both sides of the box. If you prefer you can request special handling by the postal service.

If you plan to give the cookies in person you could construct a decorative box on your own. If time doesn't allow you to do this you can take a look around your house for some container ideas like conventional pans, jars, bowls, decorated coffee cans, bright paper plates and colorful baskets. Also remember to include the recipe as an added touch to the gift.

By following these steps you will be able to properly store cookies which will enable you to enjoy them later. By following the steps to give cookies as gifts you will be able to send someone the cookies you worked so hard to make and when they get there they will be in one piece and not just a bunch of crumbs.

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