How to Straighten Permanent Hair Without Chemicals

Comb Brush Sit-under dryer Blow dryer with a comb Straightening comb Hot stove Hair oil Combing and Brushing If you have fine hair, straightening it without chemicals may be as simple as using a comb or brush. First, wash your hair with a detangling shampoo. Generously apply a cholesterol conditioner to further detangle the hair. Rinse your hair thoroughly and comb into small sections to further work out any tangles. Sit underneath your dryer until your hair is completely dry. Gently comb your hair for about two minutes, then brush it for two minutes more. Massage some oil into your hair. Repeat the combing and brushing process. If your hair is still not as straight as you want, continue to brush your hair until your desired straightness has been achieved. Blow-Drying If your hair is fairly coarse and a simple comb and brush will not do the trick, a hot blow-dryer with an attached comb may be the answer. After you shampoo and condition, part your hair into small sections and blow-dry each section one at a time. If you find your hair is not getting as straight as you'd like, make certain the temperature is turned up to its highest setting. Once you hair is dry, rub some hair grease or oil deeply into your scalp and blow-dry again. The oil will help break down the stubborn areas. Pressing The one surefire way to straighten any type of hair without chemicals is to press your hair using a straightening comb. After shampooing and conditioning, use a blow-dryer to completely dry hair and get it as straight as possible. Heat your straightening comb on the stove. Part a small section and comb through it with the pressing iron twice. Rub in a bit of grease and press that hair again until you have achieved your desired straightness. Repeat this process with each section of hair until your entire head is completely straight. Make sure all chemicals are completely out of your hair before using a pressing comb. Be certain your pressing comb is not so hot that it will burn your hair.

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