Strange Ocular Migraine Symptoms

By Victoria Ries

  • Overview

    Ocular migraine symptoms may be strange to the sufferer as well as debilitating. Eye migraine, sometimes called ophthalmoplegia migraine affects the vision causing visual hallucinations such as zigzagging flashes of light and sparks. Ocular migraine attacks may be brought on by too much close work at the computer, watching too many video games or too much television, or by reading excessively resulting in eyestrain.
  • Significance

    Ocular migraines are rare and may be due to some neurological problem other than simple eyestrain. Ocular migraines may present themselves as part of nerve palsy or weakness. According to Healthscout (see Resources) carotid artery aneurysms and diabetes may be the root cause of the ocular migraines and should be checked out with your physician just to be on the safe side.
  • Effects

    Strange ocular migraine effects include flashes of light and blind spots in the line of vision or the peripheral vision. Balls of light may be seen and blurred vision may occur. One eye may go totally blind temporarily and the sufferer may feel stabbing pains in the eyes.

  • Function

    An ocular migraine is usually experienced with no headache, simply visual distortions and hallucinations which may be disturbing to the sufferer, especially if it is the first time. The field of vision is seriously impaired and if an attack is brought on while driving you should pull over and call someone for help rather than risk lives in an accident.
  • Features

    Ocular migraines may bring with them a sweeping feeling of nausea with or without vomiting. Phenergan commonly known by its generic name, promethazine, is sometimes prescribed for migraine to quell the stomach and induce sleep. Sleep is sometimes all that may be needed to rid the sufferer of the strange symptoms he is experiencing.
  • Expert Insight

    According to eMedicine, "Migraine and epilepsy are highly comorbid conditions probably sharing the same pathophysiology, but the nature of their association is unclear. Migralepsy is the term used when a seizure occurs during or within 1 hour of a typical migraine aura attack."
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