Strengthen Thin Nails

Treatments to turn those weak, thin nails into strong and beautiful nails.

Did you know that the average finger nail grows about 1/8" each month - two to three times faster than toe nails?If your nails are thin and weak you have probably tried many things to improve them.

As we grow older our nails grow at a much slower rate.Sometimes our nails will look unhealthy due to a lack of nutrients or an injury or it could be due to glandula deficiency.The myth has always been that the more calcium and gelatin you take in, the stronger your nails will be, but unfortunately it is not true.

Thinning of nails is generally caused by one of the following reasons:

A lack of protein and nutrients in your system may cause brittle nails.Generally a lack of Vitamin A will slow down the growth rate whereas a lack of Vitamin B will make a nail fragile and also cause ridges on a nail both horizontally and vertically.

Ridges could also indicate a fungus infestation under the nail.If a person notices has a lot of hangnails, this is genaerally an indication of a lack of Vitamin V, Folic Acid, and Protein.Iron deficiency also attributes to nail problems.

It all boils down to proper care of your nails and proer diet and vitamin intake.

Prescription medications may also cause changes in your nails.

While observing a healthy diet also be sure to take proper care of your hands.Always remember to wear gloves whenever you are around water and cleansers.The best type of gloves are one size larger than your regular glove size.Be sure to apply lotion after you do housework and throughout the day.

It is particularly important to carry a small manicure kit in your purse, just in case you should break or snag a nail.If you can't carry a kit then try to carry a bandaid in your vehicle until you get home and are able to fix it properly.

One of the best things you can do to protect your nails is to give them a manicure and always put on a clear protective polish on them. It is a good idea to do this at least once or twice a week.Learning to give yourself a manicure is very easy and soon people will be noticing your beautiful hands.

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