The Sturdiest Privacy Fences

The sturdiest privacy fences. Learn about some of the sturdiest fences out there made with concrete and bamboo. The typical privacy fences you have seen have probably been made out of wood. Mark Williams,...

The typical privacy fences you have seen have probably been made out of wood. Mark Williams, a fence estimator with six years experience in building fences says, although the most common privacy fence is built with this material, you don't have to go this route. The sturdiest materials to work with are concrete and bamboo. If you are about to build your own privacy fence or are about to hire someone to do it, concrete and bamboo privacy fences are two other options available to you.

"Concrete is a real nice way to go if you are looking to cut out sound or noise. It will definitely cut that out, if you live by road. It will cut out traffic-like highway noise. It's excellent for privacy, but very bad for wind. You won't get any wind through that, because it's just going to block everything out. But for an elegant look and to keep noises out then concrete is the way to go. It is very expensive though.

Concrete fences are as sturdy as fences get, but your budget is also another factor. Also, if you're the type of person that is outside a lot, this type of fence may not be the choice for you, because it won't provide you with the proper ventilation to work or entertain guests. However, you can always buy patio ceiling fans.

A bamboo privacy fence is the next sturdiest privacy fence after concrete. However, since this material is the latest craze don't expect it to be cheap. Also, don't expect every fence company you call up to have experience working with this type of material. The wood is imported many of the times, so you will definitely have to pay for that too. Williams has never built a bamboo privacy fence, but has no doubts he could do it.

"With bamboo you set your wood posts, your runners on it. You stand your bamboo up,tie it all together and just make sure both are fastened to the runners. If I would get a call in for one, I would do some research and study on it. I would find out exactly what it takes to put it up," Williams says.

With bamboo recently flooding the market, we can probably expect prices to drop in a few years, Williams says. So you may want to wait, if you can't find a good deal. Bamboo also has its own set of steps for upkeep. It might be one of the sturdiest materials out there, but it needs the proper staining and maintenance. In the end, Williams likes the idea of a bamboo privacy fence because it can add a unique touch to the home and neighborhood. Williams says this is a big plus.

Whether you go with a concrete or bamboo privacy fence, think about where you are going to put it. Williams says two important questions to ask are: Will your privacy fence be built around your vacation or residential home? How much time do you spend outdoors? After you ask yourself these questions, you can determine which type of fence better suites your needs.

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