Successful Alcohol-Free Holiday Party Ideas

Successful alcohol-free holiday party ideas. Everyone loves to share the celebration of the holidays but not everyone prefers to include alcohol. Give a party free from the worry of designated drivers!

Most everyone appreciates the opportunity that holidays bring to gather together with friends and family. Co-workers gather for office parties, neighbors get together for backyard grilling on Independence Day, friends and strangers, alike, usher in the new year at New York City's annual New Year's event, while smaller more intimidate groups party and wait for the ball to drop at the stroke of midnight. Holidays are festive times of laughs and memories in the making. However, holiday parties are often interrupted by alcohol-related disturbances or even tragedies. Taking a few common sense precautions can help prevent such occurrences.

If you have been invited to a party, you should never assume that alcohol is welcomed. If the invitation is not clear, you're not free to come to your own conclusion. Check with the host as a matter of good taste. On the other hand, if you are hosting a party and do not wish to include alcoholic beverages, you should make it known to everyone invited. Otherwise, if someone shows up with an alcoholic contribution to the evening, you are left with the choice of unexpectedly accepting alcohol into the party or quite probably making an invited guest feel uncomfortable. A moment of clear planning can prevent this scenario.

As the host of a party, carefully consider your guest list. It is poor planning to invite guests whom you know to be regular drinkers to an alcohol-free party. Even with a well thought out guest list, you may still have to deal with the guest who arrives after having had a few too many. Again, be prepared should such a situation arise. Have the phone number for a taxi readily available and do what you reasonably can to make sure your guest has safe transportation, or have a spare room prepared for an overnight guest.

One way to avoid the dilemma of alcohol is to arrange for your party to be held at a restaurant or public facility that does not allow alcoholic beverages. This should discourage even those who might otherwise be tempted to ignore your request for no alcoholic beverages. In some states, holding the party on Sunday or the official date of the holiday, when alcohol purchases are illegal, can help encourage an alcohol-free setting. Find out your state's regulations if you are unsure before counting on this strategy.

It can be awkward explaining why you've elected not to have alcohol. You may even encounter those will try to persuade you to lighten up on the rules a little. You should be prepared in advance for such confrontations. Let them know you've carefully considered the pros and cons. Be sure to point out any of the following which might apply:

- guests may be attending who find alcohol offensive or have alcohol related problems (it is neither necessary nor proper to give out names)

- minors will be attending the party

- a previous experience has led to your decision (again, you are under no obligation to give the details)

Get creative and plan activities that your guests are sure to enjoy. A party without alcohol does not have to mean a boring party. Most people look to alcohol as a way of relaxing the mood and inhibitions. Set the tone for a relaxed evening that naturally lends itself to everyone feeling free to loosen up and have fun! As the host or hostess, you should take the initiative to keep a light atmosphere and make everyone feel comfortable. Be unique in your planning, add a little flair to the activities and menu. Consider alcohol-free beer, daiquiris or other mixed drinks with no alcohol added. Your attitude will play a major role in the success of your holiday party. With the right planning and the right attitude you won't have to compromise on alcohol and there won't be a need to fret over designated drivers.

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