How To Have A Successful Garage Sale

A garage sale is a great way to make some extra cash fast. But it is an art. Here are secrets to a successful garage sale.

A garage sale is a great way to make some extra cash fast. A garage sale is also called a rummage sale or a yard sale. There is definitely an art to having a successful and profitable garage sale. If you have ever been to garage sales, you know that they can be fun, even addictive. They can also be economical because you can find good used things and pay much, much less than you would for the same thing if you bought it brand new. Also you can find, what I like to call, "treasures" in the "trash", such as valuable antiques and such. Also, if you have been to these sales you know that you were much more attracted to items that were attractive themselves, not just a bunch of dirty junk thrown into a box. Going to garage sales helps you to plan and organize your own garage sale better, because you can learn what you like and don't like.

Everyone has junk that is just cluttering up the attic, the basement, the garage, the yard, your rooms, and closets that you haven't seen or used in years. And perhaps you have two toasters or two typewriters or too many lamps or flower pots or shoes. The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination. Here are some guaranteed tips to a more successful and profitable garage sale.

-Advertise well. If your sale is on Saturday and Sunday make sure you put it in the Friday and Saturday papers. No matter what else you do, if you don't advertise right, you won't make a dime. Make sure to include the date, time, address, easy physical directions, and also let your add stand out, make it catchy. It will be among many other garage sale ads. If the person has to pick only a few sales to go to, make it be YOURS! List several of your best items and/or "hot" items. Say you have a sofa or a t.v. to sell, then list it. Hot items include CD's, old 45's or anything collectable, baskets, flower arrangements, lamps, jewelry, toys, books, movies, bikes, plants, tools, fishing or hunting gear, furniture, knickknacks.

-place neon signs out in strategic locations with strong equipment pointing out the directions to the sale. Neon posters stand out more, be sure to draw big arrows and write large.

-anything and everything goes.

-clean old or dirty items that have been in storage. Something clean will always sell, something dirty will never sell.

-put disassembled items together. People don't like buying things that are all in pieces.

-arrange things that are similar together. For example: put all jewelry together, all bath, beaty products or items together, all toys together, all glassware or books together, etc.

-price everything! Many people may want something but won't ask for the price.

-Arrange things neatly and attactively. Hang all the clothes that are hangable. It is much easier to look through. Many people won't bother to look through boxes of stuff or piles of clothes.

-match things up for a possible double sale. For example, put a booksack with the books or books in it, put coffee cups by the coffee pot, put dried or plastic flowers in the flower vase, put makeup or beauty or hair products on the vanity or in the makeup assembly holder, movies by the television. You get the idea.

-play soft music, make sure you are in a cool, dry, place out of the sun, be kind and courteous but not overbearing, don't follow them around, you may make them nervous and turn them off, offer cold water for free. Anything to make the atmosphere inviting and comfortable.

-be willing to bargain, people like to bargain. Study prices of other garage sales then set your about average. Remember if you are going to bargain, set your price a little above what you will settle for.

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