How To Have A Successful Garage Sale

Find out how to have a successful garage sale by reading on...

Are you tired of seeing all of that unused stuff piled high in the basement, attic, or spare roomin your house? If you want to find a way ro get rid of it, meet new people, have alot of fun,and make some money while youare at it, you can get together with some family members or friends and plan to have a garage sale.

A garage sale is a great way to motivate yourself to clean out your house. And here are the basics of how to do it:

First, contact your family, freinds, neighbors, etc., to see if they want to join in on your selling venture. The more people that join in with you, the more stuff you will have to sell. That, and the ad in the local newspaper will cost even less the more people the cost is divided into. Schedule the times and dates for your sale. Give yourself at least three weeks in advance to plan and organize it. Decide if you are going to have it at your house or at a friend's, neighbor's, or family member's house.

Next, be sure to check with the local officials if you need to obtain a sale permit. Then, write an effective newspaper ad and plan to have it start running in the paper on the day before your sale starts. Ask the newspaper for your free garage sale kit, if they offer one. Also, make and hang up posters at the local bank, grocery store, and in other high traffic areas. Be sure to mention some of the items that are for sale in order to pique your prospective buyer's interest.

The next step is to gather your items together and make sure they are clean. Price them using self-stick labels.Pieces of masking tape will do the trick too, If you are joining together with others, they can use different colored labels to make it easier to see what belongs to who. Or, if you all use masking tape, every one needs to put thier initials on their price tags. This will help to identify every one's items so it will be easy to tally all of the sales at the end of the period.

You can set up tables in your garage and arragne the items by their type.String a makeshift clothesline and hang up the clothing there. Youcan then go through the rest fo the items and section them off according to what they are. That is, kitchen items, books, cassettes, videos, etc. Allow enough room between the tables so that every item is easily accesible for the customers to see. Use bed sheets to cover up the items in the garage that are not for sale.

Begin your first sale day with a card table, plenty of money to make change with, a calculator, grocery bags, newspaper to wrap up glass and fragile items with, a cup of coffee, and a big smile on your face, while you think about all that money that you are going to make.

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