How To Have A Successful Rummage Sale

Have you been wondering how to make your yard sale successful? Read this article for more information.

The day has come, you finally can not stuff one more solitary piece of junk in your attic, basement, closets or garage. It is time to have a sale. Garage sales or yard sales are a great way to get rid of unwanted junk and clean house at the same time. The overhead for a garage sale is very low and if you publicize it right, you can end up making a nice profit as well.

First, scout out the location of your sale. Will you hold it on the front lawn or the garage? What will you do if it rains? Make sure you arm yourself with plenty of plastic tarps in case of a sudden downpour so that your items don't get ruined. Once you know where you will hold your sale, get your sale items organized and decide what you are going to get rid of.

You will want to put an ad in the paper for your sale at least a week ahead of your sale. Garage salers often plan out their garage sales weekends ahead of time, planning routes and mapping out all of the sales in a particular town. In addition, junk dealers often come around early to garage sales to scout out your wares and see if you are throwing away something that might be of value to them in their business. Make signs advertising your sale in large letters that can easily be read by passing cars. Place your signs strategically at stop signs and don't forget to include arrows that point the way to your house along with your address and the dates of the sale.

Price your items. Always put a price on your item that is higher than you are willing to sell it for, most savvy garage sale mavens are going to bargain with you. Unless your main intent is to clear out the junk, don't let people underbid you too much. On the other hand, people will walk away if your prices are too high. You might want to go to a few garage sales beforehand if you're not sure what kind of prices to put on your items. Use stickers to put prices on, some people will be turned off if they don't see a price and have to ask you every time they want to know how much something is.

Be sure to have bags on hand for folks to carry home their new treasures in. You can save plastic bags from your supermarket for this purpose. If you have a lot of things left over afterwards and don't plan on having another sale to get rid of them, put them by the curb with a sign that says FREE. You'd be surprised at how fast that stuff will be gone!

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