Suggested Daily Food Serving

Daily food serving and portions of food for the active person. Servings for each food group and their portion size.

The food pyramid commonly referred to by people to determine how much of each food group they need to consume is not actually accurate for everyone. The suggested servings per day are for a typically normal person. But for those of us who are more active, we need more sustinanance. If you frequently (meaning 2 or more times a week) exercise or lift weights, you are not getting enough calories to live on. By eating a well-balanced diet, you will feel more energy and see faster results whether you are trying to lose or gain weight. You should be aiming for 55-60 percent of carbohydrates, 25-30 percent of protein and 15-20 percent of fat at each meal. Eat every couple of hours throughout the day to prevent hunger. Make sure you eat from every food group at most sittings.

1 carbohydrate gram is equal to 4 calories.

1 protein gram is equal to 4 calories.

1 fat gram is equal to 9 calories.


size of a baseball medium fruit

size of palm 3 oz meat or fish

size of fist 1 cup vegetables

ice cream scoop 1/2 cup cooked pasta

dice or domino 1 1/2 oz cheese

thumb tip 1 tsp butter/marg

large handful 1 cup dry cereal


dairy 2-3 for men

2-3 for women

lean meat 3-4 for men

2-3 for women

fruits 4 for men

3 for women

vegetables 5 for men

4 for women

breads 11 for men

9 for women

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