Summer Flowering Bulbs

Are you familiar with the flowering bulbs that will grow and bloom in the summer? Learn here.

Are you familiar with summer flowering bulbs or thinking about planting them? I will name and describe a few varieties, so that perhaps you will be better able to decide which bulbs you will want to plant. These bulbs will bloom from June on through the summer, in fact some people do not realize how important these bulbs can be in your flower garden.

Allium: There are various species of Allium that might be more popular except they are associated iwth Onions and Garlic and not considered a polite subject for the ornamental garden. There are over 200 species in Europe, Aisa, America and in Africia and many of them have none of the odor associated with Garlic. Two great varieties of the Allium include; A. moly (southern Europe) l'-l l/2' and are perhaps the best known. These give a fine mass of yellow blooms in early June, should be planted in clumps, bulbs two or three inches apart, three or four inches deep. In some areas they will try to naturalize but do realize they the Allium cannot compete with your lawn grass. The other variety is A. neapolitanum- Another well known species that comes from southern Europe. These are not so hardy but will survive in a shelted rock garden in the middle states if it is carefully covered. The flowers are white and bloom in spreading umbels, the bulbs can be forced in window garden, three or four bulbs to a five inch pot.

Camassia- This is a western American bulb of the Lily Family, 2'-3' height. Their species extend from British Columbia to Califonia and as far as Texas. These are best increased by seeds because usually the bulbs do not produce offsets, should be planted three to five inches deep and three or four inches apart in a permanent place where they won't be disturbed. These make blue and white flowers.

Iris: The Bulbous Iris like your Tulips should be planted in the autumn. These came originally from Holland but now Pacific coast nurseries grow them for florists and for sale to the individual.

Leucojum aestivum- Summer Snowflake, l'-l8". This flowers in May and June, is less ornamental and certainly not as interesting as the early spring flowers of Leucojum, has white, greenish-tipped flowers.

Lilies: These are the most important of summer blooming bulbs, and there are many varieties of lilies available, you might want to check out your local nursery or consult your mail order catalogues. Don't leave these out.

Lycoris: This are a part of the Amaryllis family, the leaves come up in the spring then ripen quickly, and they grow in well in sun or half shade. The floweres, like the Colchicum, come up without any foliage in August and are pinkish in color and very fragrant, and are borne on stems two or three feet high. These flowers are very unusual in a flower garden and are most useful because they bloom after many of the perennial flowers are finished blooming. Be very careful with your hoe as careless use could result in injury to these plants.

These are but a few of the many summer flowering bulbs you might want to plant to have blooms thruout the summer.

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