Summer Gardening And Landscaping Tips: List Of Drought Hardy Perennials

I can give you the names and also the descriptions of a lot of droughy hardy perennials you can grow in the high desert country.

If you live in the high desert country there are many plants that will not thrive and you will certainly need to purchase plants that are known to tolerate drough, even then you should give them extra water during their first season in their new environment. When you have got them thru the first growing season they they should be able to stand up to the high desert climate. In the high desert there are often times of severe drought and you'll still need to give them extra water and care during these periods as you could lose the plants. Sometimes when you purchase native plants they tend to do better in the high desert counry because they are able to withstand severe drought, sometimes without extra care and extra water. The best plan would be to find a local nursery in your area and consult with someone who considers themselves to be expert on growing perennials in the high desert area.

Below are a few of the plants that one might recommend for planting in the high desert area.

Achillea- yarrow

Alcea rosa- hollyhock

Aquilegia- columbine (best in parital shade)

Artemesia- wormwood

Campsis radicans- trumpet vine

Coropsis- some varieties are annuals; check before buying

Euphorbia myrsinites

Gaillardia grandiflora

Hemerocallis- daylily

Iris, bearded

Kniphofia uvaria- red-hot poker

Linum- flax, some varieties are annuals

Oenothera- evening primrose

Papaver orientale- Oriental poppy

Pennisetum setacum- fountain grass

Polygonum aubertii- silverlace vine

Rudbeckia hirta- gloriosa daisy

Rudbeckia laciniata


Sedum- check specific varieties for cold hardiness

Verbena rigida

Yucca- check specific varieties for cold hardiness

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