Summer Job Ideas For Kids

When my kids ask for money, I usually joke with them, telling them to go get a job. Then it occurred to me that there are many odd jobs children can do to earn spending money for themselves. As well as the cash they make, there are added benefits to this idea. Kids are always complaining about being bored over the summer, so giving them things to do, such as a project painting the fence or cleaning out the garage, will alleviate boredome. They may also learn some lessons in the experience of having a summer job: discipline, the value of a dollar and the satisfaction of a job well done. Some ideas for summer jobs for kids include:

-cooking meals


-cutting lawns

-landscaping assistant

-bagging groceries at the local store

-polishing silver

-DJ for parties

-clown for birthday parties

-gift wrapping

-lemonade stand

-cage cleaning

-cake/cookie bake sales

-face painting

-party planner

-taking garbage to curb for neighbors

-paper route


-delivering groceries

-errand boy (or girl)

-photographer or videographer for parties

-walking dogs

-house cleaning (so much per chore per day, or several days per week. ex: vacuum twice a week=$4, dust three times a week=$5, mop twice a week=$4, so a month of these would total of $42.

-project painting house

-project cleaning out garage or attic

-pool maintenance

-baby sitting

-washing cars

-beautician's assistant (washing hair, cleaning brushes, sweeping hair)

-cleaning out closets

-washing, drying,folding and hanging clothes

A few words of caution: be sure the job chosen is appropriate for the age level of the child. There is no need to put your child in danger of working with or for strangers. Between grandparents, aunts and uncles and well known friends and neighbors, there will be plenty of work to go around. Be careful of summer heat for outdoor jobs, and have parental supervision around pools, lawnmowers and the like. Summer can be both fun and with a summer job, it can be rewarding, as well.

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