About Super Cheap World of Warcraft Gold

By Ronni Dee

  • Overview

    Buying gold for World of Warcraft is sometimes a stressful task. There are hundreds of Internet sites waiting to sell you WoW gold at any time. There are certain things you should look for when seeking the best deal.
  • The Purchase

    The purchase price of your World of Warcraft gold will depend on your desired gold amount. 1,000 pieces of WoW gold can range anywhere from $12.00 to $23.00. Buying in bulk will generally be the overall cheapest way to purchase your gold. Generally, a gold purchase of 20,000 can range from $280 to $300--saving over $100.
  • Delivery Times

    Cheap World of Warcraft gold is not any different than expensive gold. The main thing to consider in purchasing your gold at a super cheap rate is the delivery times. Your WoW character must be online for your gold to be delivered. Delivery times can vary greatly. Some gold amount purchases can be delivered instantly, or within minutes, while others may take days or even weeks to be deposited into your World of Warcraft account.

  • Purchase Bonus

    Another consideration to your World of Warcraft gold purchase is called the purchase bonus. Some WoW gold suppliers do not offer a bonus amount if you made a large quantity purchase. Others will offer from 1% to 15% as a bonus for a larger purchase.
  • Loyal Customer Rewards

    Many of the sites competing for your World of Warcraft gold purchase will offer competitive loyal customer rewards. Normally after your first two to three purchases, a customer service representative will call or e-mail you with a promotional code to enter at checkout with your next purchase. The promotional codes vary and can be a percentage bonus on your purchase, normally up to 10%, or a discount on your purchase, normally up to 30% of the total purchase price.
  • Money Matters

    While the purchase price for World of Warcraft is reasonable, take into your calculations that you pay a monthly fee to play the game. If you are short on money, the best way to get more gold is the old fashioned way--game play. This is by far the cheapest way to gain gold, but also will take a lot more time to move up and gain those achievements you are seeking.
  • Buy In Bulk

    If you need a smaller amount of World of Warcraft gold fairly quickly, you can purchase as little as 200 pieces. After making the purchase and the gold is transferred, you may want to go back and buy a larger quantity, such as 10,000 or more, that will be delivered later. These higher quantities are not always readily available and will take much longer times to deliver, usually a few days or up to a week. By buying your small immediate need quantity now, and then ordering a large quantity to be delivered later, you will save yourself money and have a stock to use as needed throughout many future levels of game play.
  • The Myth

    The myth related to buying cheap World of Warcraft gold is that it is used faster or is not the same as the more expensive gold. The fact is that the two are the exact same thing. The only difference will be cost and delivery times by the company, or re-seller, that you have chosen to work with.
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