Get Supermodel Looks For Less!

Learn how to duplicate Supermodel looks without the Supermodel salary!

Think you have to have fat wallets and a rail-thin frame to look like a supermodel? Think again.With the influx of make-over shows, designer labels, and fashion spreads, searching for one's own personal style can be a bit overwhelming. It can appear especially difficult to snag these exotic looks on a shoestring budget.But alas, it can be done! And here are some tips to doing just that:

1. Understand your body.There is nothing more unattractive than seeingsize-12 hips packed into a size-5 skirt.Sometimes it's better for clothes to skim curves, rather than hug them.Sure, there are certain figure "types."But every woman's body is different. And it's important to understand which features you'll want to play up or down.

2. Comb through your favorite fashion magazines. Take note of the outfits that catch your eye. Some of the haute couture ("high fashion") ensembles might not be practical in everyday life. But pay attention to them anyway.So you liked that huge fake flower on the Spring Herrera suits? Trek on down to the nearest fabric store, or silk flower shop. Pick out a pretty floral, clip the "stem", and attach it to one of your favorite suits.Voila!You've got an instant exotic update on a classic style.

3. Be a shopping sleuth. Shopping malls and outlet stores are excellent places to hunt down bargains. But don't slight the thrift stores that you may have overlooked. With a little patience, here you can find some jewels in the rough. For instance, don't be afraid to try on some of the men's apparel. Sometimes, the cut of men's clothes fit better than some designer women's clothes.Also, be sure to peruse the jewelry case in these thrift stores. If you don't, you could be missing out on some exquisite vintage pieces. Thrift stores are actually wonderful places to find both traditional, and quirky clothes.You just have to think outside the box.

4. Don't overlook the head and shoulders. Supermodels sit through hours and hours of hairand make-up preparation. Fortunately, you don't have to.If you're unsure of how to apply make-up, the best thing to do is visit your local make-up counter.Most cosmetic counters offer free consultations. You can learn all about which colors look best for your skin tone. You can also learn about the difference in day and evening looks. As for the hair, get a haircut or style that is simple and easy to maintain. It's true that a great cut goes a long way.

5. Keep it simple.You've heard the saying : "Sometimes less is more."The truth is, sometimes less is more. The most expensive looking outfits are often the simplest ones.Piling on the accessories isn't necessary to pull off a sophisticated look. Try wearing a monochromatic ensemble, and then topping it off with one funky accessory. Your look will be much more pulled together.

6. Be comfortable.Comfort is perhaps the most important thing of all to remember.If something you're wearing "feels" bad, then don't wear it.Your discomfort will definitely be revealed in your body language.

Developing your own sense of flair is a lot less complicated than it may seem.Everyone knows that most women yearn to look like supermodels. Why do you think so many designers are now creating clothing lines for stores like Walmart and Target?Designers know that the key to looking like a supermodel is not necessarily in the exact duplication of their outfits, but in capturing the essence of the style. Once you have developed this knack for yourself, the sky is the limit! Let the world be your runway!

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