Surfing Clothes: All The Latest Surf Beach Fashions

Surfing fashion is the hot new trend, here are ideas on how to dress surfer style no matter where you live.

Mellowing out on the beach, or lying around a backyard picnic. Whatever the occasion, the beach surfing trends are likely to be the newest raging style. And what's your favorite summer surf fashion? Board shorts, hat and Reef sandals, Board shorts, flip flops and a wife beater, Thong bathing suits and small tops. With the resurgence of surf fashion, pro surfers may soon be replacing supermodels on runways everywhere. Labels not normally associated with the surf industry are jumping aboard the new trend. The beach and surfing fashion is the hot new trend, from Midwestern shopping malls and all the way north to the cold Canadian resort towns.

Like any good recipe, adding a little water simplifies any complicated fashion. Beyond simplicity, surfing styles are drenched in ancient Polynesian culture and traditional Hawaiian trademark. Combined with sunny Californian dreams and hip Malibu style, the potential flows like an endless, breaking wave. Even if your view lacks the breathtaking white beach of palm tree infested tropical islands. With all of these timeless fashion attributes anyone can take advantage of this recent fashion comeback. Whether you're going to a pool party in June or walking through slushy December snow on your way to the gym.

For guys the beach surfing style must be one of the easiest fashion decisions ever. All you need are some board shorts and a pair of flip flops. To add flair, you might try a combination of ocean sport accessories. On a sunny day, break out those new sunglasses, both dark and thick and light and bright are in style. If you are feeling bolder and the skies are looking dreary, throw on that fisherman's cap. Some styles to choose from are straw, cotton or nylon. Depending on the climate, your options above the waist are as vast as the ocean. For those lucky enough to be heading down to a tropical pier, you may choose to go shirtless or maybe wear a tank top. And for those outside the tropics, try a cool surfing inspired T-shirt or a thin light colored hooded sweatshirt.

Depending on what kind of surfing style you are buying, functional or designer, prices vary for board shorts, T-shirts and sandals. If you're looking for board shorts that the surfers are wearing look to spend between forty to fifty dollars. But if you just want the style of the beach, prices go down into the twenty dollar range. For sandals you have a little bit more flexibility. If you're on a budget, you can always hit the local grocery store and find a pair of cheap plastic sandals. But if you want designer sandals with the latest and greatest brand name on them, you might spend upwards of 40 dollars. T-shirts are always a bargain and even the big name companies are throwing together a surfing line. But if you want to wear what the professional surfers are wearing, you may spend around thirty dollars.

For the ladies, you've many options, but the outfits have gotten much smaller. Gone are the days when those pink palm tree bikinis and your tropically flowered celeste top seemed out of season. Girls, you don't have to be in Maui or Rio to break out those itsy bitsy, neon colored bikini bottoms. With the new retro surfing surge, ladies have endless opportunities to flaunt those exotic styles. And for those girls who like to reveal a little less, girl's board shorts are the hottest new surfing trend. Some ideas splashing up on today's beaches are combinations of bikini tops with board shorts. Or board shorts and a pastel colored tank top. Don't be afraid to borrow your boyfriend or brother's board shorts either, they won't even mind if you look better than them.

Ladies know how to shop, and if you're looking for bargains, stay close to the mall. But if you're looking to get wet and wild in the surf, you might entrust the advice at a local surf shop. Small bikinis tend to get lost in the surf. One option is finding a nice one piece bathing suit for those surfing adventures. The other alternative is to use the layer effect and put some board shorts over that bikini. Board shorts tend to stay pretty snug, so if you can still show off the hard work you've been putting in at the gym. Prices at surf shops tend to be more expensive. But depending on the season and location, sales are always your best choice.

With all your new beach knowledge, your next trip to the beach should be a sunny experience. Whether you're holding hands watching the splendor of the beach or heading to a backyard BBQ. And if you're trying to score some waves or a date, these new fashion trends are a sure win. Everyone loves a little sun and water, so when you show up wearing these new styles you'll be sure to make a splash. Surfing has gone mainstream and every where you turn, the surf beach fashion is happening. So get shopping or you might get left in the sand.

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