What Is Survival Training?

This article lists survival skills for urban and back country living.

Survival means different things to different people and at different times.Basic survival today in America is easier than it has been in any time in history and probably any other place today.But at the same time it's grown complicated - we need ATMs and credit cards and IRA's, things our genetic ancestry hasn't learned.

This article will address skills needed to survive in modern America and then skills needed to survive in back country America, whether you choose to go camping or are forced from your home by tornado, fire, or other disaster.

At home:

- Know how to contact a lawyer.Look into getting a lawyer on retainer - this means you give a lawyer money up front, knowing that should the need arise, he or she has already been paid the beginning fees and will fight for you.

- Make a will and a living will.Health care has progressed to the point where we can keep a brain dead human alive indefinitely.If you don't want to live like that, you may need a living will to inform your kin.

- Read a map, subway or bus schedule, or plane schedule.

- Know how to use an ATM.Learn the difference between and IRA and a 401k.Learn basic investment strategies.Learn the difference between stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

- Learn to sew.Sewing can repair hems, replace buttons, and otherwise save garments that you might otherwise give to goodwill.

- Learn CPR.You could save a life. since ambulances after arrive too late, after oxygen deprivation has caused permanent brain damage.

In the back country:

Few of us grow our own food.It's easier to go to the grocery super store.Those that do have gardens usually tend them as a hobby.Most hunters do consume the meat from their kills, but few hunt to survive.Again, it's easier and, with licensing requirements and the cost of compound bows or shotgun shells, it's probably cheaper to go to the grocery super store.But lest we forget what our ancestors struggled over, we should learn, at east at a rudimentary level, how to survive without these modern conveniences.

What do we need to survive?Shelter, heat, water, and food.

- Learn to build a basic shelter. Woodworking and carpentry take time to learn, but finding a wall to huddle beside or building a wall of wood can break the wind enough to pass for a shelter in the event you find yourself in the back country without a tent or tarp.

- Learn to start a fire with matches and kindling. Fire is one of mankind's most important discoveries.Learn to carry and use strike anywhere matches.Even better, learn to make a fire from flint and tinder.To build a fire, you'll need three kinds of wood: thick logs, sticks, and kindling.

- Learn to purify water.Usually this entails adding iodine, but you can buy water filters that leave the water tasting fresh.

- Learn to hunt and learn to gather food from the woods.Learn what plants are poisonous.Learn how to shoot.Learn how to trap.Learn how to acquire food without the help of a convenience store.

- Learn more complex first aid, like how to set a broken bone, how to treat a burn, and how to wrap a sprained ankle.Sometimes the nearest hospital is a long hike away.

Most importantly, never assume you know everything about survival.There are things you can learn from everyone, once you learn to filter through the chitchat.Stay alert.Pay attention.And above all, remember that no one is responsible for your survival but you.And you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to survive.

You can find local training for all of the above skills, if you seek it.Check online for classes in your home town.With luck, you will never need to use your more rugged survival skills.But like a fire extinguisher, you may never use it, but you're darn glad it's there if you do need it.

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