How Do You Sweep The Floor When Cleaning A House?

How do you sweep the floor when cleaning a house? Learn the correct way to sweep the floor using a broom, dustpan or industrial sweeper. The main goal when sweeping a floor is to collect all the dirt and...

The main goal when sweeping a floor is to collect all the dirt and debris into a pile that can easily be picked up and disposed of. There is no hard-and-fast rule about how to sweep a floor, however, this is one strategy that may make sweeping easier for you.

When sweeping a floor, start in a corner at one end of the room. Proceed to the adjacent corner and then to the corners at the opposite end of the room. Melissa Briones, owner of Melissa's House Cleaning in Lawton Oklahoma says, "I would sweep toward a doorway or sweep toward the middle of the floor. Then I would use a dustpan to pick up the dirt."

Sweeping in an open area is relatively simple. Briones recommends, "Use a small broom with a regular head for a small room and an industrial sweeper for bigger floors. They are flat and can clean a large area at one time."

Make slow, even strokes with the broom. Sweeping too quickly causes dust to rise up into the air to resettle moments later. Even, methodical sweeping assures that no areas of the floor are missed.

Sweeping out corners and sweeping around or under furniture is a bit trickier. There are specialty brooms to help with these areas, and, as Briones says, "If you have pets, I would recommend using a cloth-type broom. It will pick up the hair. They can be more expensive than ordinary brooms, but if your pet sheds a lot, it will truly help keep your floors clean." On the other hand, a little experimentation with holding an ordinary broom at various angles will prove that it is not impossible to maneuver dirt and hair out into the open.

Once you have a pile of dust and debris swept into a pile, you will need to pick it up in order to dispose of it. Dustpans are specially designed for this task or a sturdy, flat piece of cardboard can be used. Simply hold the dustpan or cardboard at a slight angle from the floor. Then, use a whisk broom or other small brush to collect the debris on the dustpan or cardboard. If there is someone available who can hold the dustpan or cardboard for you, you can also sweep the debris with the regular, long-handled broom you used to sweep the floor.

When you pick up the dust pan, you will probably find that there remains a thin line of dust. Simply sweep this small bit into another little pile and, again, sweep it into the dustpan. Repeat this step until all or most of the dust is gone. If there is still a slight bit of fine dust that will not slide into the dustpan, it can be cleaned up with a slightly damp paper towel or sponge.

When it's time to empty the dustpan, heed the adage "Haste makes waste." Just as you want to sweep slowly so as not to stir dust into the air, you don't want to rush across the room to empty the dustpan. Walk slowly with it until you reach a garbage bin. Then, with the dustpan inside the bin or very close to the opening, carefully and slowly tip the dustpan to allow the contents to fall into the bin without flying back into the air.

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