Swimsuit Wraps: What To Look For When Buying A Beach Dress

Buy the right fit in a beach dress, swimsuit wrap or cover for your body type and shape by following a few simple tips and shopping suggestions.

A beach dress can be a good before and after swim cover-up, or it can be a quick change for dining out after a day at the beach.However you decide to sport your beach dress, here are a few tips to help you find one that literally fits your needs.

1.If you have wide hips but a small waist, look for a knee length dress with an A-shape contour.

2.If you do not have a small waist, or your waist measures the same or only slightly smaller than your hips, look for a dress that has a pattern near the waist that minimizes the waist.Diagonal patterns, lines and darts can do this quite well.

3.Also, dresses with lower waistlines, or V-shaped waistlines will help to give the illusion of smaller waists.

4.If you are petite, opt for a shorter dress.Mid-thigh and above skirts will create the illusion of longer legs.Also, if you find a mini-dress with a little slit along the side of your legs, that will deepen the illusion further.

5.To create the illusion of a larger bust, look for dresses that have bunched or ruffled material along the bust line.Also, a gathered bodice and horizontal stripes just below the bust line can work well to create the illusion of a larger bust line.

6. If you want to downplay a larger bust, look for a dress with simple, or solid colors on the bodice, and draw attention to your face by opting for strapless dresses.Also, despite what you may imagine, V-neck dresses are very good for minimizing a larger bust.

7.For any part of your body that you with not to draw attention, remember that solid colors are key.You can minimize bulging bellies, larger hips and even larger busts by opting for these solid colors.

8.For heavier legs, wear long flowing dresses.If you have well toned legs, show them off with either shorter dresses, or longer, more fitted dresses that have slits down the sides.

9.For broad shoulders, show them off!As odd as it may seem, opting for a halter top dress with an A-line body will take the focus away from your shoulders.

10.There are beach sarongs that you can buy to use as shawls if you have heavier arms.

11.Find the perfect bra.Whether this bra is going to be a part of your actual swimsuit or under your beach dress, a good supportive bra can lift and shape your bust. A good bra can minimize your waist, add or detract from your bust size as desired, and give you a cleaner hourglass figure.

12.Keep comfort in mind.Choose a dress made of lightweight material such as cotton or other synthetics.Materials such as silk and other materials can actually keep the sun's heat against your body.

Before looking at these tips and heading off to buy your beach dress, find a full-length mirror.Do the little dance you do when you are assessing yourself in the mirror; turn, pivot, and pose.What you should try to do is to look at negative space.Hold your arms out to the side and look at your waist, hips and bust.Doing this will give you a quick idea of what to look for when purchasing your swimwear, beach dress, or any outfit for that matter. Another way to do the little check is to actually measure your bust, waist and hips.Finding the right clothing for your figure is about using geometry.Angled lines and cuts can do well to draw attention away from certain aspects of your figure.

Also, one thing to remember is to accentuate your best features.Draw attention to your long legs, flat stomach, or face.We all have different bodies and different attributes that we are not completely happy with.By accentuating your best features, not only are you taking attention away from the less desired features of your body, but you are also reminding yourself of your greatest assets!

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