Symptoms Of An Allergic Reaction

Symptoms of an allergic reaction. Symptoms of a seasonal allergic reaction include weight gain, memory loss, fatigue, diminished sex drive, skin problems, and joint pain. We all know allergic symptoms of...

We all know allergic symptoms of the eyes, ears, and throat. The ones that people are less aware of would be weight gain, loss of short-term memory, fatigue, skin problems, and diminished sex drive. Anybody over 40 begins to notice these symptoms. The three most common are weight gain, fatigue and pain.

If you have an old football injury and every once in a while when the weather is about to change, your knee starts to ache for no apparent reason, that's an allergic reaction. When you feel like this, I would suggest that you go out and walk briskly for a couple of hours. Your head will clear right up and you will be full of energy. You might want to drink some coffee, a Coke, or glass of orange juice but that just aggravates the condition.

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