Symptoms Of Graves Disease

Symptoms of Graves disease, now very common disease among females.

Graves Disease is one of the most common causes of hyperthyroidism in the United States.

There are many Symptoms of this disease, the most common symptoms of Graves Disease are as follows

1. Weight loss

2. Rapid Heart rate

3. Anxiety

4. Feeling Hot

5. Perspiring a lot

6. Many people with this disease feel nervous, or out of control of thier emotions.

7. Muscle weakness.

8. Swelling in their neck

9. Half of the people that have disease have severe eye problems, some have eyes that protrude more than usual and some have the problem where the eyelids will not close over their eyes.

10. Dryness and irritation of the eyes is also very common.

11. Increased bowel movements

12. Shortness of breath.

13. Many different weight changes

14. Menstrual irregularities

15. Increased appetite

16. Osteoporsis can occur if left untreated

This disease is very severe at times, it was first brought to people's attention when First Lady Barbara Bush developed it. They have many treatments avalible now to try & treat this disease.

So far this disease is not considered a disabilty by the laws, but many are trying to prove it different.

People that suffer from this disease can't often function with everyday routines. On very bad days those with the severe eye problems may have to wear sunglasses when outside due to the severe bulging of their eyes. This causes their eyes to become very sensitive to any type of bright light.

Also those who may be in the middle of a thyroid storm can also have severe panic attacks and anxiety attacks so severe that they may not even be able to do something simple like meet a deadline or make an appointment.

There are many new medications out on the market to help the people who suffer with these however until the doctor has established just how far they are into the disease it may be hard to get them to level out, until they have run many, many tests.

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