Symptoms Of Kidney Disease

Symptom of kidney disease are various. This article discusses the variations, causes and treatments.

Kidney disorders can be caused from many disorders such as hypertension, artherosclerosis, or even diabetes. There are disorders that are considered primary conditions such as kidney stones, urinary tract infections and kidney infections. The diet plays an important part in preventing and treating any kidney problems. There are many ways to prevent kidney problems one is keeping to a regular healthy diet and drink plenty of fluid to allow the kidney to properly function.

Kidney stones are very common, there are over one half a million people per year that have surgery to treat kidney stones per year, just in the United States. The surgeries are mostly performed on an outpatient basis. Kidney stones are caused when crystalline particles stick together to form clumps. Then these clumps or stones block the urinary system which causes sever pain. According to the size of the stone, most pass through the system on their own but causing extreme pain when urinating. The larger stones may be removed surgically.

When kidney stones occur and they have either been flushed out of the system or have been surgically removed, the next step is to determine what caused them. Then the body must be kept on a substantial amount of liquid intake per day to properly flush these particles from the system. This will prevent future stones from forming.

When the kidneys fail to perform properly this can be only temporary or it may require surgeries to repair. Temporary kidney failure can be caused from injuries and infections. In most cases when the injury has been repaired or the infection has healed, kidney function returns to normal. But in cases of hypertension or diabetes dialysis may be required.

If the kidneys are beyond repair and dialysis is needed diet is an extremely important part of maintaining kidney function. The kidneys at this point will need exactly the right amount of fluids, protein, salt, phosphorus and potassium. Kidney failure needs to be attended by a physician, a doctor needs to take full control of diet and no changes should be made until he is notified.

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