Symptoms And Treatment Of Spider Bites

Learn the symptoms of spider bites and how to treat them.

Despite the nursery rhymes in their honor, spiders are not kids' play. Fact is, even a small spider can pack a huge, poisonous bite. That's because all spider bites are noxious, no matter the type or size of the insect. However, certain spiders, like the brown recluse and the black widow, are known for bites that cause great physical discomfit.

If your child has a bite, don't just assume it's a mosquito. It may be a spider bite. With that in mind, it is important to:

Be alert. Keep an eye out for your child around areas where spiders love to dwell - like wooded areas. On camping trip and even in your own backyard, watch your children, especially if they love playing around wood chips. They may get bitten without realizing it.

Be aware. If your child is bitten, ask whether he or she saw the insect. If not, keep an eye out to see it you can tell whether it might be a spider bite. Watch the bite for several days to see if it gets worse, or if your children is feeling more ill each day. Clues include pains in the stomach, bumps that grow to large lumps, even swollen glands. Some of these symptoms may immediately follow, or become apparent as late as a week from the day of a spider bite.

Be quick. If a spider bites your child, apply some basic first aid techniques before seeing a doctor. As with other types of bites, cleaning the infected area around a spider bite will help take some of the sting out of it. Applying a topical first aid ointment may also help, as will ice (or an ice pack) if it's available.

Be cautious. If it is a spider bite, check it often. If after a few days the bite gets worse, or if there is a lot of swelling near or round the spider bite, or if you notice a really large lump at the site of the bite or elsewhere on the body, then, see your doctor. That spider bite may be worse than you expected, or you may be allergic to spiders. In either case, chances are that your body is telling you that it needs help in fighting infection. Your doctor can prescribed needed medication to help fight infection caused by the spider bite.

Be diligent. If a doctor prescribes medication, take it as prescribed. Even if you begin feeling better, as always, it's essential to use prescription medications as directed.

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