Symptoms, Treatments, Causes And Prevention: What Is Impotence?

What is impotence & some causes of impotence? Impotence is a medical and/or psychological problem. Read on to find out causes and treatment.

What causes impotence? There are actually many possible causes. Impotence is a very sensitive subject. It is also a medical and/or psychological problem.

Impotence is the inability for a male to get or maintain an erection. To say the least this condition would be very disconcerting for any male. Especially if he had previously had normal arousal and sexual relations. Unfortunately, at one time or another, almost all males have or will experience this problem, and thus, somewhat normal occurance. But, it is not considered "impotence", unless this problem is occurring at least 25% or more of the time.

In about half or so of the documented cases of impotence, the cause is purely physical. Examples of physical problems are: diabetes, liver or kidney disease, vascular diseases, prostate problems and male hormone deficiencies. Various medications can also contribute to the problem of impotence. Medications for hypertension and those that cause drowsiness, such as antihistamines, can be the cause. Alcohol and drug use can seriously impare a man's sexual function, as well as just plain old fatigue!

Psychological problems are the cause of impotence in the other half of the cases. Men who are stressed out from work or who are having problems at home in a relationship, or with the finances, can have problems with impotence. Failure to perform sexually, only adds great fuel to the fire, so to speak, because anxiety and fear of failure, will only enhance the difficulty of getting a maintaining an erection. Men who are seriously depressed will have diminished or no sexual desire. Pointing out the problem to a man, especially during sex, will only make the problem much worse.

The main way to differentiate between a physical or psychological cause is this. Men whose impotence is caused by psycholigical problems will still have erections during sleep or awakening in the morning. This is not so with physical disease.

Treatment is directly related to the cause. For example, if medication is the culprit, stay away from that medication (if it is antihistamines, etc, but if it is prescription medication, consult with your doctor. Let him know the problem and he may be able to prescribe something else that will not cause this problem.) If it is alcohol, stop the drinking or at least before having sex. Reduction of stress, marriage counseling etc, will deal with psychological causes. Antidepressants can be prescribed for depression. See you doctor if you suspect a physical problem, such as ones listed above.

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